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Mario Strikers Charged comes with a much needed upgrade to the Strikers 101 section of the game. You now get detailed missions which teach you how to play the game. While the game's AI in the Striker Cup will teach you some of the more advanced tricks the hard way, 101 will teach you the basics of the game.

The Basics![edit]

  • Your Team: Bowser, Toad, Koopa, Hammer Bro
  • Objective: Score a goal
  • Description: Here you are only given the bare bones of controls. Passing, Shooting and Deke. While the game says you have 1:00 time limit, you will be just fine. If the time runs out you will just go into sudden death (next goal wins). There are no opponents to worry about, just the goalie. Hammer Bro and Bowser are your strongest shooters, so if for some reason you are having trouble scoring, just pass it to them and shoot.

Charge that Ball![edit]

  • Your Team: Mario, Toad, Koopa, Hammer Bro
  • Objective: Score a goal
  • Description: Not much different from the last mission except that it comes with an explanation on how to charge the ball. Every time you pass the ball it gains a charge. The higher the charge the more powerful the shot. Purple being the lowest, white being the highest charge. Here you can also practice Charge Passing. This is when you hold down the B button to shoot, but then you press A button just before you shoot. This way you pass the ball and still keep the charge. This is a technique you should master.

Mega Saves![edit]

  • Your Team: Kritter (Goalie)
  • Objective: Stop enough goals to win the game
  • Description: Here it's just you versus Donkey Kong. DK will be throwing Megastrikes at you and it's your duty to stop them. You can shake the nunchuk to disrupt the Megastrike meter. When DK's little cutscene is finished it is time to defend. Anywhere from 3-6 balls will be shot at you. The Wii Pointer will function as the goalie's hands. Press A button to destroy an incoming ball. If you can keep DK from scoring 12 or more goals you complete the challenge.


  • Your Team: Mario
  • Objective: Score 13 goals to win the game
  • Description: Now that you have learned to stop Megastrikes, it is time to execute Megastrikes. Hold down the B button until the Megastrike meter appears. Press B button again to stop the meter at the number of balls you want to shoot, then press B button again to stop the meter. You want to stop the meter in the orange section for the full effect. The closer to the orange section you get, the less time the goalie has to defend the shots. During this practice you will be able to shoot six every time, but in a real game don't expect to shoot six every time.

Sidekick Skillshots![edit]

  • Your Team: Hammer Bro, Hammer Bro
  • Objective: Score 3 goals
  • Description: This is to practice Hammer Bro's skillshot. To execute a skillshot, hold down B button until the skillshot triggers. This usually takes about 2-3 seconds. Hammer Bro throws five hammers then shoots the ball with his skillshot. Position yourself just a little bit outside of the goalie's box then use the skillshot. This will knock out the goalie allowing you to score easily. Hammer Bro's skillshot is one of the easiest to master.

Skillshot Sequel![edit]

  • Your Team: Boo, Boo, Boo
  • Objective: Win the game, you start behind 0-2.
  • Description: This is like the last one except there is a Monty Mole defending the opponent’s goal. If Monty gets the ball just swing the remote or press any button on the Neutral dpad to tackle him. Boo's skillshot isn't exactly impressive, but when positioned correctly it will score. Use passing to dodge the Monty Mole, use skillshots, and shooting to win this challenge.

Super Mario Time![edit]

  • Your Team: Mario
  • Objective: Win the game, you start behind 0-2.
  • Description: You play against Luigi. You will be given Mario's special item throughout the game. The item is indicated by Mario's head in the upper left corner of the screen. Press C button to use the item. While big you can run over Luigi giving you plenty of scoring opportunities.

Bringing the Thunder![edit]

  • Your Team: DK, Toad, Toad
  • Objective: Win the game, you start behind 0-2.
  • Description: You play against Wario. This is just like the last challenged except you get DK's Thunder Wham item.

Using Power Ups![edit]

  • Your Team: Mario, Toad, Dry Bones, Hammer Bro
  • Objective: Win the game
  • Description: Now you can get items! You can get items in two ways. Shooting the ball when the blue energy ring appears while you are charging a shot, or being tackled when you don't have the ball. Items are used with C button and switching items is done by shaking the nunchuk. Use your previous skills and items to win the game.

Winning the Match![edit]

  • Your Team: Mario, Toad, Dry Bones, Hammer Bro
  • Objective: Win the game
  • Description: You play against Bowser and three Boos. This is your final test. You will use all of the skills you previously learned to win this game against a Rookie difficulty Bowser team. This game lasts for 3:00, regulation time. Once you have beaten Bowser, congratulations! Good luck in Road to the Striker Cup! You're going to need it.