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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allows you to play against anyone in the country. It's recommended that you have a broadband connection to have the best gameplay experience.

Miis and Nintendo WFC[edit]

You are required to have at least one Mii in the Mii Channel to go online. You will assign a Mii to be your avatar when you go online. Any statistics you earn will be put on this Mii. If you delete a Mii from the Mii Channel, any information that is attached to this game will also be deleted. Wi-Fi Records can't be transferred through an SD card either.

Wi-Fi Options[edit]

You are given four options when you login to Nintendo WFC. The Striker of the day is also shown, which is the player with the highest point total for the day.

  • Battle Friends
  • Friend Roster
  • Ranked
  • Leaderboard

Your rank and statistics are reset every season. Seasons last for one week.

Battle Friends[edit]

You must have registered friends in your friend roster to select this option.

You will first get the option to pick a Stadium, rules, etc. Much like Domination Mode. Then you invite a friend from your friend roster and wait for a response. When your friend accepts a connection quality rating will be shown, one star being the lowest quality and four stars being the higest quality. When you hit ACCEPT, the match will begin.

Note: Friendly matches do not count towards your rank in the leaderboard.

Friend Roster[edit]

Here your 12-Digit Friend Code is shown. Choose the ADD FRIEND option to add a friend. Here you will enter their 12-Digit code to add them to your Friend Roster. Once you have a friend you can view your Friend Roster. If you have a friend online the word AVAILABLE will appear next to them.


In a ranked match you are given points based on the outcome. These points will determine your rank on the leaderboard.

  • 10 points for winning
  • 1 point for losing
  • 1 point for each goal scored

When you select play a Ranked match you can choose to play by yourself or with a Guest. The guest does not need a Mii to play with you, but keep in mind that your rank will still be affected by the outcome. Disconnects count as a loss and you may possibly lose points from your ranking.


You have five options in the Leaderboard section.

  • My Season Ranking: Shows players ranked closest to you during the current season.
  • Friends: Shows rankings of registered friends based on points.
  • Season Leaders: Shows the top 10 ranked players for the current season.
  • My Daily Ranking: Shows the players closest to your rank for the current day.
  • Daily Leaders: Shows the top 10 players for the day.