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To start, you need to pick a captain, or captains. By now you should know all of the characters pretty well. But there are some things you need to think about. Do you want a captain who can immediately toss it off after the opponent scores? Do you want to be able to stop insta-chips easily? Do you want several scoring possibilities? And so on...

So, now here are the pros and cons of each captain class:

Balanced: Able to do some tricks okay, but can't do any form of mid-court chip, Another shooting opportunity/A shooting opportunity, Can pass okay, but not great, Horrible with stopping insta-chips, which is a huge drawback, Kinda slow.

Power: Great big hits and slide tackles, Easily stops insta chips (due to great big hit), but is incapable of doing any form of tricks himself, Great shooter, Horrible Passing, Very slow

Offensive: Horrible defense and speed, Great power and passing, Can't stop insta-chips, nor do any tricks.

Defensive: Great speed, Great defense, Can stop insta-chips by tackling or by running back to kick it from behind the goalie. Horrible passing and shooting, Can do almost all of the most-used tricks.

Playmaker: Great speed and passing, Horrible defense and shooting, Can stop insta-chips from running backwards to stop it by kicking it, Can do all the tricks except for a few.