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Martian Memorandum
Box artwork for Martian Memorandum.
Developer(s)Access Software
Publisher(s)Access Software
Designer(s)Chris Jones
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
Preceded byMean Streets
Followed byUnder a Killing Moon
SeriesTex Murphy
TwitchMartian Memorandum Channel

Martian Memorandum is a dystopian cyberpunk/film noir DOS adventure game that was originally released in 1991. It was developed and published by Access Software. The game is the second in the series of Tex Murphy mysteries; its immediate sequel is Under a Killing Moon. The game is set in 2039, several years after Mean Streets. The character of Larry Hammond, who appeared in Mean Streets, returns to this game, giving information to the player. Lowell Percival who is introduced here, also appears in Killing Moon.

Tex Murphy is hired by business mogul Marshall Alexander, founder of TerraForm Corporation, to locate his missing daughter, Alexa. As in the first game, Tex travels between destinations and interrogates characters associated with the subject such as Alexander's attorney, his wife, and Alexa's roommate and business partners. Interrogations are menu-based and dialogues open up additional destinations and dialogue options. The investigation will reveal to Tex that the girl's disappearance is linked with an item in Alexander's possession.

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