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  1. Reach Repeater Tower Base
  2. Defeat Enhanced Fold Guards
  3. Send Nanite Stasis Signal
  • Audio Log: Tinkerer's Research Tape — hidden inside a structure.
  • Boost: Deep Cold I — defeat Whirlwind.
  • Boost: Precision III — defeat Whirlwind. (Legendary)
  • Dossier: She-Hulk — in area around second amplifier after defeating Whirlwind.

Whirlwind and the Fold[edit]

You're dropped right into a group of Fold; so, you get to fight right away. There's not much to say here. The area is small and filled to the brim with Fold. Let loose and destroy everything in sight. Once you have taken down the three mini-bosses, and things have quieted down, blanket the area looking for an Audio Log that should be revealed as it was hiding inside a structure.

Take the teleporter to the next area of the map. You're in for another fight against Whirlwind and a huge number of Fold. Take your shots at WW when you can and otherwise blast indiscriminately. After the fight, take a winding ramp up to another teleporter.

Once more you will fight your way through hordes of Fold. You will also have to dodge steam jets from the floor. As before, destroy the big amplifiers and kill the enhanced guards. In the area around the first amplifier, find the metal cylinder and drag it to the glowing light in the middle of the floor. Repeat for the area near the second amplifier. You can also pick up a Dossier from this area.

Move forward and take out the third guard and his amplifier. Use the portal nearby to get to the Tinkerer's lab.


The Tinkerer is invulnerable most of the time, unfortunately. He floats around in a glowing ball while summoning forth enhanced guards and lots of regular mobs. To defeat him, you must destroy the two guards he keeps "chained" to him. This will cause his bubble to burst and leave him temporarily vulnerable on the ground. That's when you hit him with everything you've got. A Fusion works great if you have any Stars left after dealing with all the other mobs.

The Tinkerer himself doesn't do anything to you, he just keeps bringing in all the other Fold troops. This is an extremely long battle and likely to leave you exhausted (i.e. low on health and lacking Health Tokens). This is not a good thing. Try to preserve yourself – fight defensively rather than offensively. You're going to need all the help you can get shortly.

When Tinkerer gets below 25% health he teleports out and a bridge opens up. Run across the bridge and use the control panel.