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MVC Galactus.png

Galactus is only playable in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and only in a special "Galactus Mode", a variation of Arcade Mode. It is unlocked by either having a save file from the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, or collecting 30,000 player points. To access it, highlight Arcade Mode on the main menu screen, and press L1 button+Select button+Cross button.


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3[edit]

Name Input
Sideswipe Arcade-Button-LPunch.png
Palm Crush Arcade-Button-MPunch.png
Finger Flick Arcade-Button-HPunch.png
Cosmic Smash Arcade-Button-Special.png
Fist Smash Arcade-Stick-Down.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Cosmic Ray Arcade-Stick-Up.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Galactic Punch Arcade-Stick-Left.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Cosmic Vision Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Big Crunch Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Planet Destroyer Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png+ Arcade-Button-HPunch.png
Supercollider Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png+ Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Cosmic Salvo Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png+ Arcade-Button-2xPunch.png
Ultimate Nullifier Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png+ Arcade-Button-2xPunch.png