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Marvelous Entertainment
EstablishedJune 25, 1997
ClosedOctober 1, 2011
LocatedTokyo, Japan

Marvelous Entertainment (also known as Marvelous Media Vibration) is a multinational corporation that produces music, animation, TV programming, and video games.

In 2004 Marvelous Entertainment established Rising Star Games as a publisher and distributor in Europe (in a joint venture with Bergsala AB). Rising Star Games serves in part as a localization house for games developed by Marvelous Entertainment's development houses.

In 2008 MMV established a partnership with XSEED Games to publish games in North America. They are expected to expand their own publishing house (MMV USA) during this partnership.

Runtime Inc, Marvelous Interactive, Victor Interactive, and Marvelous Liveware have all been merged into Marvelous Entertainment. The company's amusement business was transfered to Atlus.

In 2011, Marvelous Entertainment Inc., AQ Interactive, Inc., and Liveware Inc. merged into Marvelous AQL Inc., which was renamed to Marvelous Inc. in 2014.


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