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PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 PC Combat
Cross button A button E Interact
Circle button B button Q Draw/Holster Weapon
Square button X button Space Skip Dialogue
Triangle button Y button F First Aid/Repair
L2 button LT button First-person View
R2 button RT button PC Mouse Left Click.png Fire
L1 button LB button PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png, F1...F4 Select Weapon
R1 button RB button hold space Select Ability
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick W A S D Move Character
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick PC Mouse.png Move Camera
L3 button L button left Ctrl Prone
Cross hold+Neutral lstick A hold+Neutral lstick left Shift and W Run
R3 button R button PC Mouse Right Click.png Zoom (w/ Sniper)
Start button Start button Esc Access Mission Computer
Select button Back button R Throw/Detonate Grenade
Up dpad Up dpad  ↑  Move Squad
Down dpad Down dpad  ↓  Squad Takes Cover
Left dpad Left dpad Squad Rallies to You
Right dpad Right dpad Squad Targets an Enemy