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The Mako is a fictional, futuristic IFV in BioWare's video game Mass Effect. It is the players' primary method of ground exploration on planets that lack ports, or are uncharted. It is able to cover large distances and serves as an offensive and defensive tool in the game. Bioware has stated that they consider the Mako a character in its own right.

In the game Mass Effect, the Mako is of Batarian origin. It mounts a scope-enhanced cannon for offensive purposes. The scope can zoom in on enemies, allowing for more effective attacks. The Mako utilizes jump jets to traverse terrain quickly as well as to dodge enemy fire. It is deployed by means of an orbital drop, descending through a planet's atmosphere after being released from the cargo section of the SSV Normandy.

According to an August 2, 2007 IGN interview with Casey Hudson, BioWare Project Developer, the Mako will not be customizable in the first game. This was later proven true when the game was released when the only 'modification' allowed to the Mako was repair of damage using omni-gel.

SSV Normandy[edit]

  • Affiliation: Human Alliance, Spectres
  • Class: SR1 Versatile Spacecraft
  • Auxiliary craft: Mako

The SSV Normandy (SR-1) is a fictional spacecraft in the BioWare game Mass Effect. It is the player's main source of transportation throughout the galaxy and offers access to the galaxy map, through which the player selects their destination. The Normandy is not directly controllable by the player. The pilot of the SSV Normandy is Jeff "Joker" Moreau, who claims to be an Ace Pilot. This is supported by the apparent array of medals and awards he received during training and service in the Alliance. Moreau suffers from a form of osteogenesis imperfecta, and has an extremely weak bones in his legs, and takes great offense when its hinted that hes been decorated out of pity. Like the Mako, the Normandy is also very versatile; boasting a wide assortment of weaponry and built in features, including a highly advanced stealth system.