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Amaze your friends with magic on the Nintendo DS! You too can become a magician!

Master of Illusion is one of the most unique games you’ll play. It consists entirely of learning and performing magic tricks. The game comes with a special marked deck of cards for use with the DS and an audience.

When you start, the game will ask for the date, referring automatically to the DS’ internal clock first. This is because the game is set up like Brain Age and other games like that. You have limited options on your first day, but later you’ll see the entire game.

You realise that the game is set in a shop called Great Barbara’s Magic. In the menus, you’re treated to the scary image of Barbara.

In this game, you must do magic tricks to become a magician. Your main tool is the DS. Before the game was released, Nintendo said, "The DS can sense waves, sensing your thoughts." That’s not necessarily true. The part of the game you do by yourself is mainly magic, as you may have no clue how it does it. The part you perform for other people though, is trick. You will learn how to do the tricks by playing the game.