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Here are some hints for you to perform Magic Shows like a pro.

  • Learn and practice!
While you can easily perform most of the magic tricks once you master them, some require practice. Master the controls and lines so you can perform them with confidence.
  • Don’t overplay!
No matter how great people think your magic tricks are, they’ll be less impressed if you overdo it. The Magic Show section has more than ten magic tricks, but only show a maximum of three tricks at a time.
  • Don’t repeat!
Some Magic Show tricks require you to change the commands you give the DS depending on what your audience picks. If you keep showing magic tricks like these, your audience will figure out that you’re changing the command every time. Avoid repeat performances!
  • Never show the secret!
Some Magic Show tricks use the same principle and yet appear totally different. If you reveal a trick’s secret, not only will you be unable to perform that trick again, but you also may ruin the secret of other tricks, as well.

To become a true magician, keep in mind the rules you’ve read and perform with showmanship. Remember, magic is a form of communication, and you hope everyone will enjoy your performances!

Effective Combinations[edit]

Try combining different types of magic tricks.

Two Candles[edit]

This trick is basically an easy trick. Assume you have the DS down on the table with the top screen at the point where it’s almost parallel with the surface (the standard position). To pick which candle to blow out, press L button or R button. You can’t see L button or R button being pushed down. In an audience, you also can’t hear it. It does amaze though. On the bottom screen, the bottom-right corner will show you which candle will go out. The dot on the left card means that the red candle will go out and vice versa. The red candle will go out on default.

Shuffle Games[edit]

This trick is a three-in-one. Unfortunately 2 are pretty much the same. You hand the DS over to the audience (well that’s what the instructions say) and they pick something. You can guess it. How? It’s all in a trick. When guessing, make sure it’s not too sudden, so in birth month, if it appears second, say it around the fourth one. Also, make sure the audience doesn’t press END.

Birth month[edit]

The audience will pick a month, and they will shuffle where it goes with every other month. They will read them out in the order the arrow points to, but only pay attention to the first month. The place where that month should be is where the audience’s month is.

Future vacations and recreation[edit]

These two are the same. The audience picks from a large list of locations or things to do. Then they shuffle it among 9 other tasks. This is harder than the birth month. You must hear out for what the first letter is. The list contains one of one type and nine of another. The type is if the first letter has a curved line or not. This will make it stand out from everything else.

Mystic Hand[edit]

The audience draws a hand, and you tell the audience where to tap the hand to tell it what you desire. The fingers are for wealth, the arm for love and the OK button for dreams. Make sure that you sound like it’s encouraging, like "The arm will get the hand to reach what you want." or "Touch the fingers so the hand grabs what you desire." or "Press the OK button so the hand can get what you need." Also, make sure that the audience doesn't think that the DS picks it up by voice, so tell them to point to it.

Magician’s Command[edit]

Drag the lady onto the table, and then clap your hands a few times. The lady will transform. Like the Two Candles trick, pressing L button or R button turns on and off the ability to transform. In the top-left corner of the top screen, if there is a dot, you can transform the lady. The trick ends when the lady is human again. Make sure that you make her human, so when she’s a giraffe, end it off.

Card Fortune[edit]

You need cards for this trick. Check the Walkthrough page for more details on using the trick deck. Place a card that’s not the Joker on the table face-down:

Card back.png

Read the back so you know what the card is. The game will determine the card via a series of buttons asking your gender, marriage status and star sign. This doesn’t mean anything though. It all depends on where you press the button. On the top screen’s corners, you will know what each corner of the button you press acts. This is quite difficult if you have an un-calibrated touch screen, because you need to be precise on the buttons.

Genius Dog[edit]

Select three objects from the list and then say something according to what box it is in.

  • Left box: "Show me!"
  • Middle box: "Fetch!"
  • Right box: "Go boy!"

If you forget, the tops of the boxes are shaped like the first letter. Add to the effect by waving an actual object over the DS so the dog can sniff it.

Funny Face[edit]

You need cards for this trick. Check the Walkthrough page for more details on using the trick deck. Draw a face and it will tell you the card. There are tiny markers on the screen to help you draw a good circle, and to tell you where to start the card. Imagine the markers were for a clock. Ace is 1, Jack is 11, Queen is 12 and the numbered cards are their actual numbers. Start the head from the marker that corresponds to the card and clock. Drawing the face determines the suit.

  • Left eye: Diamonds
  • Right eye: Clubs
  • Nose: Hearts
  • Mouth: Spades

If it’s a King, start on the correct part of the face and do the head last. It doesn’t matter where you start the head.

Love Tester[edit]

Oh boy, people can actually get hurt from this. Use at your own risk! There are two versions, but the main thing is actually from pressing L button or R button to set whether a good or bad result will display. The light bit on the edge of the ring around the circles tells you if the result is good (upper bit) or bad (lower bit). The touch version require both people to put their fingers on the circles, and electricity will spark. The voice version requires both people to say "I love you."

Wise Eyes[edit]

Place a coin in front, behind or to the side of the DS and draw some eyes with eyelashes. This is just the effect of blinking. Use keywords to tell the DS where to look:

  • Behind: "Where?"
  • Right: "Find it!"
  • Left: "Look!"
  • Front: "Show me!"

The top screen will give an indication like Genius Dog does.

Enigmatic Egg[edit]

You need cards for this trick. Check the Walkthrough page for more details on using the trick deck. Pick eight uniquely numbered cards, then spread them out face down. Let the audience pick one out and show it to them (read the back while doing this). Then shuffle them and spread them again. Then pick the first card and tap it on the touch screen. It depends on where you tap the egg that the DS knows where the card is. In the diagram on the left, you can see where to tap and how many times to tap. Tap to say when the card will appear. Tap 1 means tap once, and tap 2 means tap twice. The number represents the place the card is, and where it is, is where you must tap on the egg.

Magic Guy[edit]

You need cards for this trick. Check the Walkthrough page for more details on using the trick deck. This trick is exactly the same as Card Fortune, just set out differently. The places where you must tap are the area above the hat, the hat itself, the cape and the face. Using the same strategy as Card Fortune, tell the audience where to tap in a convincing way.

Ghost Writer[edit]

Before you perform this trick, tap the area under Start button. You must write three messages according to what you will say. You need cards for this trick. Check the Walkthrough page for more details on using the trick deck. This is not exactly like Card Fortune, but works in the same way. You tap the button the same way like you would do in Card Fortune, but to activate the button, you must talk to the DS. The DS will write the messages you wrote before. Say something so it all makes sense. After the third tap, you must say "Show me the card" or something like that. The DS will draw the card. It’s more appealing than Card Fortune.

Blank Card[edit]

You need cards for this trick. Check the Walkthrough page for more details on using the trick deck. This trick has you drawing the edges of the card, then it will flip over and reveal the card. This is probably the hardest to remember, and you’ll see why. The first line you draw sets the suit, then the second line sets what the card is between in four card sets. The third line narrows it down to two cards, and the direction of the last card sets which of the last cards it is. If it is a King, start with the suit and then continue with the second line without lifting off the touch screen. After drawing, make it look like you’re casting a spell. This is the most confusing and hardest of all the magic tricks.

Cell Phone Surprise[edit]

Before you perform this trick, tap the area under Start button. This will allow you to insert your phone number, as this trick is mainly used for getting a date. This trick acts like the Deep Psyche trick in Solo Magic, so you pretty much don’t have to do anything. After your phone number appears, ask them to call the number, then answer your phone.