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Exercise skills like reasoning and judgment through magical methods in Magic Training. If you train daily, you might develop magical skills!

  • Corner Kittens / Monte Carlo
    • Playing these cards games requires logic and instincts.
  • Blank Card Lesson
    • It takes more practice to master this than any other Magic Show trick. Practice makes perfect!
  • Mirrored Letters
    • This is an unusual exercise for your brain.
  • Internal Clock
    • Train your internal clock to tick like an atomic clock!

Corner Kittens[edit]

There are four stack piles and four discard piles, and you must place the cards sequentially like Solitaire in order. The discard piles are for when you can’t put them in the piles. You can put the top card in the discard piles into the normal piles, but not other discard piles. You must get all the cards into the stack piles. The hard thing is that you lose if you run out of cards twice. That is to say all the discard piles form a new deck once you run out. That is shuffled, so you really need to be strategic for this.

Monte Carlo[edit]

25 cards are placed in a 5×5 square, and the remaining cards go into the deck. You must match pairs by the number in any direction (including diagonals). After matching a pair, move them out and move all the rest up. If they hit the left side, they go to the right side of the row above. All the cards in front of the pair stay. Cards are added from the deck, and when all cards have been paired, you win. You lose if there are no more pairs on the 5×5 square. This is easier than Corner Kittens, but still challenging.

Daily Horoscope[edit]

All the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks and 1 Joker are in a pile and shuffled. They are then laid out in a 4×4 square and each card is on top of a space. The spaces must be arranged in a way where each column has one suit and each row has one number. The left-over card will be read and placed in its correct spot, and the game is over when you pick up the Joker. Then, depending on how many cards got to their spots, you will get your horoscope.

Blank Card Lesson[edit]

Because the Blank Card trick is a hard one, the game will give you five cards. You must draw them like you would in the Blank Card trick. You will be timed, and your time will be your score.

Mirrored Letters[edit]

The top screen will display a letter, and you must draw it like the top screen was a mirror, so when they’re face-to-face, it’s like a stamp. You don’t have to be precise, the DS only wants the motion and a rough placement and size. Eventually, you’ll encounter some with multiple letters. There are 3 levels for you to unlock.

  • Level 1: Single letters and numbers. Eventually symbols.
  • Level 2: Single letters, numbers and symbols. The last one is a 3-letter word.
  • Level 3: Harder single letters, numbers and symbols. Two 3-letter words.

Internal Clock[edit]

Tap on the screen for each second that passes, then see how well you did and what your actual time was. There are 3 levels: 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. The more seconds, the harder it is.