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All Solo Magic tricks are run by the individual magicians in the game. If something goes wrong, check to make sure you followed the instructions correctly and your Nintendo DS settings are correct.

After enjoying Solo Magic tricks by yourself, show them off to friends and family. Let your Nintendo DS be the magician and enjoy a magic show!

Vanishing Card[edit]

There are 12 cards on the touch screen:

Card jc.png Card jd.png Card jh.png Card js.png
Card qc.png Card qd.png Card qh.png Card qs.png
Card kc.png Card kd.png Card kh.png Card ks.png

and they will be turned face-down:

Card back.png Card back.png Card back.png Card back.png
Card back.png Card back.png Card back.png Card back.png
Card back.png Card back.png Card back.png Card back.png

Now, you must shuffle the cards by sliding them across the screen. Eventually, you will be allowed to stop. Now, pick 5 cards. You don’t know what they are. You can look at the cards you pick afterward. Now picture one in your mind, and the DS will make it disappear! The amazing thing is that it picked the card you were thinking!

The trick is that you’d be paying attention for your card, but in fact, every card has been changed! The DS actually doesn’t know your card, it took every one out! You wouldn’t notice much, because you would concentrate on your card, there’d be an even number on black and red cards, and they’d keep the same number of Kings, Queens and Jacks, even though one was taken out...confusing?


You pick:

Card kd.png Card jc.png Card qh.png Card ks.png Card qd.png

You then picture the Queen of Diamonds. After pressing Next a couple of times, the remaining cards are:

Card js.png Card kh.png Card qs.png Card jd.png

You card disappeared, but so did the rest!

Finger Pulse[edit]

This would require the deck of cards. Pick 5 cards and place them face-up on a table (or a surface). The DS will ask what cards you have placed out. Put them in the correct order, then turn the real cards face-down (not changing position). Put your index finger of the hand not holding the stylus on the left-most card. The DS will tell how to do the following instructions:

  1. Move your finger 4 times.
  2. Move your finger 3 times.
  3. Move any number of times (but remember that number!).
  4. Move the same amount of times as the previous step.
  5. Leave it there if you’re a female, or move 2 times if you’re a male.
  6. Move 2 times to the right.

Now keep your finger on the card and rub the lamp on the DS. It will then guess what card you have your finger on. The trick is that the cards you input, the fourth from the left will always be picked! Try it differently and you’ll see!


You pick your cards and put them in this order:

Card jokerblack.png Card as.png Card ac.png Card ah.png Card ad.png

Then input them and turn them over. Here are the steps:

1 Put my finger on:

Card jokerblack.png

2 Move 4 times to:

Card ad.png

3 Move 3 times to:

Card ah.png

4 Move 14 times to:

Card as.png

5 Move 14 times again to:

Card as.png

6 Move 2 times to:

Card ah.png

Rub the lamp and the Ace of Hearts is called!

Mystic Breeze[edit]

The months of the year will appear on the top screen, and the game will sense which one you’re touching, even though it’s on the top screen. Put your finger on any number. After each instruction, you must blow into the mic and months will fly off the screen. Move your finger the number of times your birthday month’s number says. Now move 3 times. Now move 7 times. Now move 4 times. Now move once. Now move two more times. The only one left is the one you ended up on! The end result is always the current month; the game says, "What a coincidence!"


Say it is May. Put your finger on Jun 6 and move 5 times because your birthday is in May, to May 5. Move 3 times to Jun 6. Move 7 times to Aug 8. Move 4 times to Feb 2. Move once to May 5. Move twice back to May 5. May 5 is the only one left!

Knock, Knock[edit]

This trick requires the deck of cards. The magician tells you to get your deck of cards, and you must take 14 cards. It doesn’t matter which cards you pick, because the trick doesn’t need to know that. The remaining cards are put away, and you need to put a pile of cards with the same number of cards as the letters of your name, which must be 6 letters or less. This will be pile 2. Then pick either pile and put away the other. Look at the top card on your selected pile and remember it. Then, move the top card to the bottom, repeating it to the number of letters in the word Nintendo. Then tap the top card on the touch screen and let the people in the apartment tell you if you tapped your card. Repeat this until he says it was your card.

This is set. The sixth card is always your card. He asks you to make 2 piles to put an even number of cards in your left hand. I have tried with all the numbers, from 1 to 6. With 1, there are 12 cards not in a pile. 13 after you see your card. After Nintendo, the card is 6th, because it’s first from the back (N), second (I), third (N), and so on until it’s eighth from the back. Since that it was 13 cards, that’s sixth from the front. With two, there’s 12 cards, but the card is second from the front (because you put the pile on top. This replaces the more cards taken out. It would be twelfth from the back (N), first from the back (I), and so on. Since you only had 7 letters, it’s seventh from the back, which is still sixth from the front.


I take 14 cards. If you name is "Munch," put 5 cards in pile 1. Do the same thing in pile 2. Put pile 2 away and pick the first card of pile 1. The card is:

Card jd.png

This goes with the 4 remaining cards. Then the rest of pile 1 goes on top. The Jack of Diamonds is the fifth of the nine cards. N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O. The card is sixth. He calls it when he gets to it.

Today’s Special[edit]

This trick is really clever. 16 numbers in a 4×4 box appear, and you must pick four of them. Each number you pick deletes the rest of the numbers in that row and column. After that, the DS will tell you what the answer is if you add them up. Then the result is today’s date. Cool.

Including this trick, most of the Solo Magic is set. You’ll always end with the same result. The DS will pick number that will always add up to today's date (Month/Day).


Today is the third of July. This is the how the grid looks:

16 18 15 17
24 26 23 25
11 13 10 12
20 22 19 21

Your picks are 19, 24, 17 and you're left with 13.

16 18 17
24 26 25
11 13 12
18 17
13 12

Add up the remaining four numbers and you get 73, or 7/3 - July 3rd.

Finger Yoga[edit]

This trick requires you to put your hand up, so don’t do it somewhere inappropriate, like in a business meeting. On the top screen, 5 poses appear. Oddly, there are actually 6. Do one when it appears. Continue through the list until the DS tells you what you are doing.

The DS doesn't know by timing; you can wait as long as you want before doing another pose, but the DS will get it right. It's also no voice commanded, because it works while covering up the microphone.

Magic Gems[edit]

9 gems will appear on the top screen, and you must press shuffle until you are satisfied with your result. Then you must pick a number between two and six. Then, from where it says START, the game will count the number you pick and will take out the gem it ends on. This will happen three times. Each gem has a letter on it. The 3 gems that were picked will spell out a word. The remaining gems make another word too!

The trick is that it keeps shuffling in a set order. There are 3 shuffle combinations, and each can make words from the numbers. It’s not really magic, but a good trick to do with friends.

Sometimes, the game picks the letter under start as the first letter, and sometimes after counting 2. For example when you pick 2, it picks the one after the 2nd one!


Pick the number 5. The letters you get are L, I and O, which make the word "oil". The remaining gems make the word "water." The game says that water and oil are separate, no matter how hard you try to mix them.

Deep Psyche[edit]

You will be asked to put in your birthday in the format MMDDYYYY. This is just so you can do it with other people, since it knows your birthday already! The DS will split your number into 4. You will be asked 4 questions that will add to each group.

  • Question 1: You are walking through a forest. What do you have in your right hand?
"Flowers" or "Sword?"
  • Question 2: In the forest, you arrive at a forked path. What tool do you have right now?
"Compass" or "Shovel?"
  • Question 3: At the end of the path there is a river and a ferry. What do you pay the toll with?
"Coins" or "Gold ring?"
  • Question 4: You leave the boat and arrive at a dark cave. What do you have with you?
"Torch" or "Candle?"

After answering all four questions, the resulting numbers will form 50807041 (every time). This is the trick. Like Finger Pulse, you get into a forced position. The number is then altered, so if you look at it upside-down, it will say "I hOLD8DS." The "8" is meant to look like the two screens symbol.


I put in 05041991. The number is split into 05, 04, 19 and 91.

  1. Sword: Sword is +45, so 05 + 45 = 50.
  2. Compass: Compass is +76, so 04 + 76 = 80.
  3. Coins: Coins is +51, so 19 + 51 = 70.
  4. Torch: Torch is -50, so 91 - 50 = 41.

My new number is now arranged to form 50807041. Upside-down, it says "I hold DS!"