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The secret of the cards[edit]

There’s a secret to the cards that came with your game. They hide their suits and numbers within the patterns on their backs. Have you noticed it? Take a look at the top parts of the patterns. See the suits and numbers? Knowing this secret allows you to tell what card your audience holds simply by looking at the back of it. Discovering what card the audience has and secretly telling that to the DS allows you to perform amazing magic tricks.

While the secret marks are well hidden, you’ll raise suspicion if you keep staring at the card back. To avoid this, once the audience picks a card, let him or her put it next to the DS. Then pretend to look at the screens and casually peek at it. The Joker is not used in Magic Shows. Remove the two Joker cards before starting the magic trick. The Ace of Spades symbol on the right side of the menu bar indicates that the magic trick uses the cards.


You can unlock more content by playing every day. It takes about 9 days to unlock all the magic shows, and you’ll need to play Mirrored Letters and Internal Clock a lot to unlock the later versions.

Card choices is unlocked by doing Internal Clock 60 Sec. This allows you to change the back of the cards during Corner Kittens, Monte Carlo, and Daily Horoscope. However, it's not much use since you don’t perform these to anyone. It also doesn’t appear in the Solo Magic trick Vanishing Card. There are 10 designs in total, but there’s not much use.

To see the instructions again, hold down Select button until the screen goes black. The "SECRETS REVEALED" page comes up first, then the trick itself. Normally, the first page tells you how to do it.

You can use another deck of cards if you like, as long as you can read their backs. The cards included with this game are quite good though.