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The Draconians are a race of humanoids related to other reptilian races, such as dragons and wyverns. They shared the wings and fiery breath of their larger cousins, but have adapted a more communal and civilized societal structure. They've adapted very well to their particular niche, utilizing the best parts of their ancestry and learning to become a formidable foe and a powerful ally.

Tactical Overview[edit]

Draconians share the tactical flexibility of Lizardmen, but without the limits in culture. They are a strong race, having units strong in both ranged and close combat. Their normal units share the innate ability to fly, including their settlers, allowing fast expansion over oceans.

Their lack of a Miner's Guild may slightly reduce their production capabilities, but this is a minor issue. Overall, the Draconians are strong, flexible and extremely dangerous.

Special Rules[edit]

All units have +1 defense and +2 resistance. All units can fly; settlers fly too, at speed of 1 movement per turn. All non-ranged units have Breath 1.

Catapults cost normal. Bowmen, Shamans and Magicians cost 50% extra. All other normal units cost 250% of normal.

Draconians can only be selected as a starting race if your Wizard has the Myrran ability.

Normal Units[edit]

Draconian cities can build Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Bowmen, Shamans and Magicians.

They cannot build Engineers, Cavalry, Priests, Catapults and Galleys.

Special Units[edit]

Draconian cities can build Air Ships and Doom Drakes.

Name Cost No. of figures Upkeep Melee Attack Ranged Attack Defense Resistance Movement Hit Points Specials
Air Ship 200 1 4+F 5 Rock 8 (10 ammo) 5 8 4 Flying 20 Carries 2 Units
Doom Drakes 160 2 4+F 8 - 3 9 3 Flying 10 Breath 6


Draconian cities cannot build Animist's Guild and Miner's Guild.