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Gnoll are hyena-like creatures of great size and strength. They are simply-minded with no higher culture to speak of.

Tactical Overview[edit]

Gnolls are a difficult race to play. They are slow growing and have no access to any research building. When playing Gnolls, you are advised to play aggressively and expand fast. You will need the extra territory to make up for your weaknesses. Try to take over neutral cities of other races to use as research bases.

Wolf Riders are fast and strong hitting, but vulnerable. They will not hold up to a sustained assault or magical attacks. Summoned creatures will be important for longer lasting armies.

Special Rules[edit]

All units cost 50% extra and have +2 melee strength. Halberdiers have the ability negate first strike.

Gnoll cities grow at a rate of -10 per turn.

Normal Units[edit]

Gnoll cities can build Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Bowmen, Cavalry, Catapults and Galleys. They cannot build Shamans, Priests, Magicians or Engineers.

Special Units[edit]

Gnoll cities can build Wolf Riders.

Name Cost No. of figures Upkeep Melee Attack Ranged Attack Defense Resistance Movement Hit Points Specials
Wolf Riders 100 4 ? 6 - 3 4 3 5 -


Gnoll cities cannot build Animist's Guild, Parthenon or Library.