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  1. Joystick: The game featured one 8-way joystick, used to guide Dynamite Tommy around the ring or help set up wrestling manuevers.
  2. Two buttons: Each was used to either punch or kick the opponent, or - in combination with the joystick - to set up a wrestling move against the opponent.
  3. 1 or 2 Players: Used to begin a one- or two-player (alternating turn) game.


Dynamite Tommy[edit]

The main hero of the game, the player controlled Dynamite Tommy against five opponents, described later. Top moves in Dynamite Tommy's arsenal were two top rope manuevers: the flipping seaton splash and the kneedrop.


The announcer/promoter, who introduces the player's next opponent in between matches. He sat at a newsdesk, in a setup similar to that seen on syndicated wrestling programs prior to the mid-1990s.


Dynamite Tommy has five opponents in this game, all computer-controlled.

Insane Warrior[edit]

Modeled after Road Warrior Animal (of wrestling's Road Warriors, and very popular in the mid-1980s), Insane Warrior tried to wear down opponents using power moves, such as basic punching, suplexes and bodyslams. His finishing move was the gorilla press slam.

Karate Fighter[edit]

As the name implies, Karate Fighter used martial arts to soften up his opponents.

Coco Savage[edit]

Similar in appearance to Bobo Brazil and The Junkyard Dog (the latter who was enjoying immense popularity at the time of the game's release), Savage's style was unorthodox. His favorite moveset incorporated shoulderblocks, headbutts and flying body presses. His finishing move was the Giant Swing.

The Pirana[edit]

A masked wrestler who was perhaps the game's most dangerous opponent, due to his extensive use of illegal tactics (such as choking or eye gouging).

Golden Hulk[edit]

Perhaps styled after Hulk Hogan (whom at the time of release of the game, was the most popular professional wrestler in the world), Golden Hulk is the TWA World Champion. Essentially a power-based brawler like Insane Warrior, Golden Hulk was more skilled and powerful than his fellow stablemate. His finishing move - much like Hogan - was the atomic legdrop, used against a prone Tommy.