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This walkthrough only covers the adventure portion of the game. No random missions or battle strategies are covered here. Take note of any planet you are told to visit; almost all planets are randomly selected, meaning this walkthrough can't tell you what they are, and you'll only be told the planet's name once. Also remember to save whenever you reach a new planet, so if you do something wrong there you don't have to backtrack far. You can break off at any point and fight random battles, or trade mechs, or whatever. You can also ally yourself with any house you choose, this won't affect your ability to complete the main storyline.

The beginning[edit]

Your objective is to avenge the deaths of your family and find the Chalice, an heirloom that will allow you to regain control on the planet of Ander's Moon. The planet you start the game on is chosen at random, but it is usually one controlled by House Davion. Regardless, the first thing you need to do is travel to the Kurita planet of Land's End.

Land's End[edit]

It's pretty quiet... for now...

Enter the bar and order a drink. The barkeeper tells you to come back later. Go to the mech bay and sell the Jenner as it's not needed right now and sells for a good profit on this planet. This also makes travel cheaper. Head back to the bar. The ruffian will tell you what planet Grig can be found on. It will be randomly selected, but is always another Kurita-held world. Head there. Be sure to take note of this planet's name, as you'll need to go back there later.


Once there you can meet Grig. Agree to deliver the package to Dustball (a Steiner world). Head there.


There there will be a minor scuffle. You can either FIGHT then RUN, or RUN then RUN. Always choose RUN the second time. Next go order a drink. The bartender tells you to return tomorrow, but order another drink straight away and he'll give you some information. He'll also name a Marik-held planet. Travel there. Remember, take note of this planet before you head to Dustball, or you'll waste money flying around trying to get back here. On that planet, go to the mech bay. The man there tells you where you might find Kangaroo Jack (it's always a House Davion planet). On your way out you'll be attacked by a sniper. RUN, then head to that named planet.


Once there, order a drink and you'll meet a man named Kearny. He tells you a group of Wolf's dragoons were the real enemy, using phony crests during their attack. He says that their usual crest is a black spider. He leaves you a piece of paper with an address to meet him at. Leave the bar.

Once outside, follow the address, then HIDE and FIGHT. When that's over read the news net (use NEXT). Along with reports of your recent activities you'll also get an email from Jordan Rowe, telling you the name of a Kurita world where the Black Widows currently are. Go there.

The Black Widows[edit]

Go to the bar. You'll see some of the Black Widows. CHALLENGE the story you are told. After a struggle, a woman named Tasha saves you. She tells you Matabushi is your enemy, not the Black Widows, and Kearny was just trying to get you killed off. Leave the bar.

If you check the news net, Tasha has sent you some files (allegedly from Matabushi) discussing your family's execution. Read on for details about Matabushi's commercial strategy. Another email from Jordan Rowe tells you to meet Kearney on Albiero. Go there now.


You'll end up in the middle of a battle, and see Tasha. Follow her. She will confront Kearny. You have to decide who to trust (choose Tasha).

The aftermath[edit]

Tasha gives you a data disk explaining the action which killed your family, and who was behind it. She also gives you 5 million C-Bills, and tells you the Chalice is on a Kurita planet called Kirchbach, guarded by a Warhammer and four Battlemasters.

But whatever happened to Grig? Head back to the planet you first found him on (probably New Samarkind, Delacruz, or Tabayama) and you'll meet a bum. Tell him to GO ON with his story, then make a DEAL with him.

When Grig appears, WAIT. When only two guards are there, STRIKE. He tries to make a deal. Instead, PULL THE TRIGGER. You'll get some more cash.

The end[edit]

That's the end of the adventure portion of the game, from here on it's all trading and cockpit combat. All you have left to do is get the Chalice back. If you went straight between destinations you will have spent a year (leaving four years) and have about 10.5 million C-Bills. Save your game if you haven't already.

You now have a good three years or more to build up your fighting force. Go ahead and spend that money on mechs and lancemates, trading or fighting to make the money you need. Once your crew is good enough, go to Kirchbach and fight your way to the Chalice.