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Patch 1.11[edit]

This patch is also installed when one of the Spearhead or Breakthrough expansion packs is installed.

  • Stand-alone game server that runs without CD, mohaa_server.exe.
  • Fixed bug in pak file search order
  • Fix for spaces in rcon commands, fix for rcon data transmission
  • Fix for rcon status command
  • Fix for the dial-up networking problem when playing single-player.
  • Fix for in-game server browser always auto-refreshing
  • In-game browser shows version information on incompatible servers, and sorts incompatible servers to the bottom
  • Fix for running servers from machines with multiple IPs
  • After reaching an error screen from the in-game browser the game goes back to the browser, rather than main menu
  • Fixed lag when a bomb was planted and the entire planting team was killed
  • net_ip reflects what ip is actually used for the game
  • gamespy uses the ip set with net_ip, if any
  • Can follow players from the other team when your entire team is killed
  • The multiplayer dial-up connection fix.
  • sv_privatePassword and sv_privateClients work to reserve spots for admins
  • Added proper disconnect and error screen display for when game refuses client connection
  • Muzzle flashes stick to weapons.
  • Localization code rolled in (and new localization file to work with altered system)
  • Removed old Q3 skin code to save memory
  • Fixed rare visibility glitch with lean
  • Fixed rare instance when AI would suicide with grenades
  • Fixed rare instance when an effect would flicker
  • When a server drops below sv_fps clients get a "slow server" message. This shows up in single-player developer mode. Disable message by setting cg_drawsvlag to 0.
  • Dynamic light fix for better spotlights
  • Added protection against malicious names in multi-player
  • Spectators can no longer telefrag players
  • Fixed bug with forcemodel and spectator
  • Strings are now localized as entire sentences, using &&& as a non-localizing wildcard match
  • Fixed some memory leaks

Patch 1.10[edit]

  • Added in-game server browser
  • Fixed "invisible room" in Stalingrad
  • Medals disappearing fix
  • Multiplayer cheat fix
  • Geometry fixes for single and multi-player
  • Reworked sound system to isolate sound-related crash
  • Game continues when bomb planting team gets killed while a bomb is still ticking
  • Fixed dedicated servers
  • rcon re-enabled
  • Fixed spawn locations and visibility issues in m6l1c and m2l1
  • Fixed a way to break SAS Officer
  • Calibrated SAS Officer better with the lock
  • Fixed jolts in credit scroll