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Mission 1: Nijmegem Bridge[edit]


  • 1: Defuse charges under bridge
  • 2: Destroy anti-aircraft gun
  • 3: Escape in medical supply truck


This is another tough level, but fun. You start on the steps leading up to the bridge with a US 82nd Airborne Paratrooper talking to you. Slowly move up the steps and from a distance kill the two Nazis guards at the top, your pistol is good enough for the job. Quickly move up to the bodies, you will find that one of them had a Gewehr 43, take it and move on - slowly. You will soon encounter two more Germans, kill them and move on. Ahead of you is a small camp containing 3 Germans, kill them from a distance and collect the ammo. Also destroy the crates, some contain ammo or health.

After your happy with the area move to the metal steps to the left. Go down them and clear the section of enemies, also defuse the charges in the four different places (Objective 1) After you have that done, slowly crawl up the steps to the next camp. Quietly shoot the five German guards and take their ammo.

You soon will be beside the main section of the bridge, there are several snipers up there, so be careful. Keep to the far right and very quickly move up near the Nazi camp. On one of the supports you will find a ladder, go up it, be careful not to fall off it, you will be climbing several hundred feet. Once on top kill the four snipers and then move into position. Crouch to get close to the edge and then stand up for a nice view, be careful not to fall.

Once you've got the hang of it, use your sniper rifle to eiminate the camps guards, give at least four minutes after because new guards may arrive. Once you have all the Germans on the ground killed, (cautiously) make your way back down the ladder.

You may not have killed all the Nazis, so be on the lookout as you descend. At the bottom, collect the ammo from the dead Germans and move on. At the end of this section you will encounter 3 more nazis (and 2 Field Surgeon kits - if your smart.) After this move down the metal steps again and defuse four more charges, be careful this time there are twice as many guards working down there.

Again when reappearing, snipe the camp occupants from a distance. When finished move to the end of the bridge, kill the three enemies standing there, and while your at it, get the medical pack in the corner.

Next move onto the road and down to the crossroads. Once there kill the three guards. Then move on down the road to the anti-aircraft gun, go inside the small structure and kill the occupants. Upstairs set fire to the guns (Objective 2) and head back down to escape in the supply truck (Objective 3).

Mission 2: Yard by Yard[edit]


  • 1: Clear enemy checkpoints from main road.
  • 2: Destroy radio.
  • 3: Find your way to central Arnhem.


Now this is a very confusing level, so pay attention. You start off inside the city, go ahead and enter the building ahead of you, go upstairs and shoot down at the checkpoint, hit the orange gasoline cylinder to fully destroy the checkpoint (Objective 1). Head downstairs into the bakery, head outside and go to the end of the road and take a left down an alley.

You will eventually come to a dead end, so go into one of the houses and clear out the Germans, then head upstairs, go through the hole in the wall to get to the next house, and from the bedroom window, destroy the next checkpoint (Objective 1) again by blowing up the cylinder. If you are satisfied with your handy work, move back down stairs and head outside.

Continue on down the road just a little and head down another sidestreet/alley to hopefully energe in a back garden, head inside the house and upstairs and take control of the mounted machine gun, again use this nice weapon to destroy the checkpoint (Objective 1). Use the machine gun to destroy the light tank blocking the street. Shoot at the turret while the tank is going at the opposite direction. Avoit being hit by its cannon since it takes away quite a bit of your health with one shot.

When your happy with your work, go back outside and move down the alley to eventually get on to the long main road. To your left you will find yet another alley. Enter the garden and the house. As always take control of the house and head upstairs. Yet again head through the hole in the wall and make your way to the mounted machine gun. Destroy the last checkpoint (Objective 1) and move downstairs.

Make your way back into a garden and eventually the alley. Kill the Germans on the other side (grenades are the most effective) than advance toward the end. Watch out the bunch of Germans and the deadly light tank on the other side of the fence. Don't even try to take them on with the machine gun. Just make a sharp left turn and run through the brick arch into another alley. Head along killing Nazis here and there, as you pass several back gardens, raid them for ammo and health. In the final garden to the right, you will find the radio, destroy it (Objective 2).

Finally leave the house and regain your stroll along the peaceful alley! You will soon be in central Arhnem (Objective 3).

Mission 3: Arnhem Knights[edit]


  • 1: Destroy Panzer IV tanks.
  • 2: Neutralise Panzerschreck Squad
  • 3: Meet Jigs at customs house


'Arnhem Knights' is by far the best level in the game in many people's opinions. You start the level exactly where you finished "Yard by Yard," so here's how to clear this level.

Head straight down as far as the British Platoon leader who will ask you for help. Ignore him, grab the BAR that is leaned against the wall (It will be the most helpful weapon in the level, if you can possibly keep yourself from running out of ammo), and head straight across the road and into the building. To your left are a few bits of ammo. Go upstairs and crawl up behind the enemy in the first room, kill him and stand up. Across from you in the big building are two snipers. They will cause chaos unless you kill them, so kill those sons of bitches before you do anything else. Now move into the next room and kill this little prick.

Don't go downstairs for awhile, because you have a great sniping point from the two rooms. However, when you've sniped maybe 3 or 4 Nazis, head across the road and Upstairs, where you will hopefully find a medical kit and some ammo. When you've done that, head downstairs and go straight into the chaos. Kill all the Germans on the street, and move half way down the street. Stop and aim straight ahead, and slowly look up through the scope at the top of the roofs, where you should be able to see one single sniper. Kill that son of a b****; he can be a real problem for the rest of the GIs. When that sniper is dead, the area is fully secure, so walk around and pick up the half dozen medical canteens until your health is fully restored.

When you are happy with your health, move to the far end of the street and go up left around the pile of rubble, when you emerge the other side, keep close to the left wall and out of the tank's line of sight. Use your sniper rifle to kill as many enemies as you can. When you've killed 7 or 8 nazis, run straight through the chaos into a small intact building to the left of the tank. Inside, kill the German and use your sniper rifle to kill all the nazis that are still outside. When that's done, make a dash for the mounted machine gun. Use it to destroy the tank (Objective 1) aim for the top, it will disarm the turret quicker. A better way is to stay a few feet back from the tank and throw greandes under the chassis. Six or seven grenades should be good enough to disable it.

After you've combed the area for health and ammo, move down the road to the left of the tank, again going around a pile of rubble. When you come to the corner, just stop. Take a minute to reload all your weapons, then dash into the center of the wrecked street and kill anything that moves and doesn't speak English. You should manage this area pretty well, so when your finished, search for ammo and health in the buildings.

After a little while spent going around twists and turns, you will emerge in 'Hell'. First, hide behind something to get ready, and next make your way up the stairs to the top of a platform (where a house once stood). From there kill everything, use any weapon, just get that Pazerschreck squad killed (Objective 2), because they are extremely dangerous. When you are happy that the area is cleared, get as many Pazerschreck shells as you can.

Head on through a hole in the wall to get into an alley, when you emerge on the main street of Arnhem, use your sniper rifle to get rid of as many Nazis in the distance as possible; especially the ones who man the mounted machine gun.

You will often run out of health, so make dashes into the different buildings to search for health. When most of the Germans have been killed, use your new Panzerschreck to destroy the tank (Objective 1). It will take at least 6 well placed shots.

After the area in general has come under control, head upstairs in the large building to the right. At the top you will finally meet Jigs (Objective 3). "Gungradulations" on completing both "Arnhem Knights", and the "Several Bridges Too Far" campaign!