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Mission 1: On Track[edit]


  • 1: Steal officer's uniform
  • 2: Steal officer's ID papers
  • 3: Enter train station
  • 4: Destroy station controls
  • 5: Board Sturmgeist's train


This is a relatively easy level from an easy campaign. You start by seeing general Sturmgeist prancing around with a few guards, when you gain movement of your body, leave the hotel room in favor of the corridor. Ahead to your left is another room, inside you will easily find the uniform (Objective 1,) on the bed and the ID papers (Objective 2,) on the small table.

Satisfied (do I use that word to much!) with your new uniform, head back into the corridor and downstairs, exit via the kitchen. Outside, you can walk right up to those Germans as long as you are in your uniform. When your finished bugging the poor Nazis, head inside the huge train station building (Objective 3.)

Once safely inside, blow your cover and cause havoc! Quickly escape the gun shots by heading further into the station. After you've gone past three stairs cases you will find the station controls; Destroy them (Objective 4.)

You will soon emerge in the first main station. There is noting much of interest in here other than a couple dozen Germans and two medical canteens, so quickly head for the right hand corner (on the far side of the station.) From there you can make your way down a set of corridors, you will eventually make your way to the second main station.

Again there's little of interest in this station, so again head to the right hand corner and go upstairs and down the corridor. You will hopefully emerge in an office, in here there's just three Germans, kill the lot of them.

Leave the office in favor of the warehouse, kill all visible guards and head downstairs, make sure to avoid the falling crate. When your down get a good spot to shoot incoming guards from outside.

Go outside and board the first carriage (Objective 5.) You know have yet another level completed!

Mission 2: Riding out the Storm[edit]


  • 1: Destroy radio
  • 2: Hunt down Strumgeist
  • 3: Steal Strumgeist's briefcase


When I first played this level I had anticipated it would be quite easy; like prior levels, and especially because it appeared so like Special Cargo, which was very easy however I was wrong...

You start off on the easy end of the train, the first three carriages are completely empty (of Germans,) so head swiftly for the fourth. On the fourth you will meet the first two Germans, they don't do two much so kill them quickly. You can take control of a large gun if you head up the ladder just inside the entrance. When you reach the next carriage - freeze - take aim and destroy the two beds and there occupants.

The next carriage boosts three Nazis, kill them and move to the next, kill the last German. So far you will have past three medical kits go back and replenish your health fully, you won't be coming back any time soon!

Quickly make your way to the next carriage, and the one after that. In here you will find 2 Germans, a medical kit and a large gun. Kill the Germans, get the Medical kit and for Gods sake, use the large gun to disable the single carriage shooting at you from the next railway.

In the next carriage you get to say hello to just one short of a half dozen (6!) Nazis. Kill them and get the field surgeons kit. The next carriage contains just one enemy, he's using the radio, so while destroying it (Objective 1,) kill him. You will get past the next two carriages fine. However in the third you will have to negotiate with the two occupants.

After you've done all thats needing do'in, run through the next four carriages, there's noting of interest. In the fifth carriage you get to meet Mr. Strumgeist in person! However he has an important appointment, so may need to leave abruptly (Objective 2!) While your there steal his briefcase (Objective 3.) Congrats, your finished!

Mission 3: Derailed![edit]


  • 1: Infiltrate train yard
  • 2: Find the demolition charges
  • 3: Destroy fuel depot
  • 4: Find transportation to Gotha


This is what I would term a fun but hard level. Its also a very interesting way of playing it, with a lot of hiding involved. You start on the railway just outside a major train yard...

Head up the track a few metres until you see a cut off trail, its very difficult to see, its in the bushes to the right. If you find it, follow it until you reach a ladder at the top of the ladder there is a machine gun nest, kill the occupants and man the machine gun. Once all immediate treats are eliminated outside, head outside and continue up the track.

You will soon come to a carriage, inside there are a few items of interest - but before you can have them, you must get rid of the 7 guards. As soon as that's done, head up the track to the gates (killing the two guards.) Enter the yard via the gates (Objective 1.)

Inside, quickly move to the right, shooting the two Nazis, and dropping behind the bunker. Use your sniper rifle to shoot the two snipers in the tower behind you and then all viable guards in the distance. Head up behind the large warehouse to your right (not the one on the other side of the track.) At the far end do a bit more sniping then head back to the bunker/sandbags.

Quickly make a dash across the track and behind the other warehouses. Yet again do a bit of sniping. When satisfied, head into the warehouse and at the back you will find the charges (Objective 2.) Again when done, head across the turntable into the tall controls building. Use your weaponry to best effect as you head upstairs (in other words watch out for a few Nazis!) When you reach the top be very vigilant - don't go near the windows there's still panzerchrecks waiting to kill you.

Use the levers to position the turntable with the track (look out the window to see.) When certain of a perfect track, head downstairs and hop on the little train engine.

This will bring you to the next area at medium speed. In the next area do a spot of sniping and then head straight for where your engine crashed. Enter the warehouse from the side (killing all four occupants,) and get the grenades and health to be found inside.

When done, head outside and go about killing all 6 remaining Germans (3 of them are snipers.) Search the area for health and move on down the trackway. You will find a rather imposing gate, set the demolition charges and watch it blow up!

Continue on down the track using your sniper rifle to best effect. Once you have made it past the long train platform, you're ok. Kill any Germans and set charges on first fuel depot (Objective 3.) Move on down to the next one and set more charges (Objective 3.)

Once done make your way down the long stretch of track until you reach the next station. Before approaching; use your sniper rifle to eliminate as many guards as possible; you should get roughly 9 out of 13, so when done move cautiously on up onto the platforms (at the sound of the first bullet brake to a sprint.)

You should have no problem with the rest of the station, so when your comfortable, head up the track to find an awaiting carriage which will bring you to Gotha (Objective 4.)