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Mission 1: Clipping Their Wings[edit]


  • 1: Find the weapons stash
  • 2: Find the ammo room
  • 3: Find the spy room
  • 4: Photograph 5 blueprints
  • 5: Locate the plans for the HO-IX
  • 6: Find a way into the manufacturing plant
  • 7: Destroy the test engine
  • 8: Exit the Facility


You have arrived in the manufacturing facility for the HO-IX, firstly head out into the main area where the two trucks are parked, and head into the office. Inside kill the German and pull the lever to open the doors.

Exit via the doors to a smaller depot, in here you will find two Nazis. After killing them, head up the steps and into the main building. firstly kill the two Germans in the first room, then take a right. In the next room you will find the weapons (Objective 1,) theres plenty; so don't miss any.

Leave the weapons room, into the corridor, and head inside the room to your right. Inside you will come across five guards, some asleep, some not. While your there search the room for the two medical canteens, there all you'll get for a long time. Also in the end of the room, you will find the spy camera (Objective 3.)

In a small room near where you the spy camera, you will find the ammo (Objective 2.) When you've got all you can find, head back through the chamber to enter the cafeteria. Inside you will find just two Germans, but thats not the problem; behind the counter - in the kitchen - you will find your old mate Mr. Chef and his three buddies, the Nazi triplets!

If you are successful in surviving the kitchen hazards, search it for bread, like I said health ain't handy here. Leave the kitchen via the back door and head down the corridor (killing the two German guards patrolling it.) At the end you will enter a room with three Nazis, in front of you there is a wind tunnel, turn it on (after killing the three Nazis,) to destroy the test plane and the four Germans around it.

When you have made your way across the tunnel to the next room, take a minute to reload your weaponry, you'll need it soon. Then head down the long corridor until your reach a bunch of rooms (six in all.) Inside each you can photograph a total of five blueprints (Objective 4,) and in one you will find the plans for the HO-IX (Objective 5.) Now while your doing this, you will have to use your weaponry on 18 Germans - so was it worth reloading!

Now when your satisfied with the area, move on down the corridor, at the end you will find your way into the main manufacturing facility (Objective 6.) Again before entering this area, reload, you will have 16 Germans to shoot in the next two rooms! In the third room after killing the three occupants, head up the steps to destroy the test engine (Objective 7.)

When done, head down the numerous corridors, killing as you go, until you come to a massive area - it is the steel facility, complete with cauldron of red molten metal! It will take you a few minutes to work your way down using the ladders. When you do get to the bottom, dash quickly around the area, shooting anything that moves, if you stop for even a second, your dead.

At the end you will enter an area underground with all the features of a mine - it is in fact a mine. You are now out of the facility (Objective 8.)

Mission 2: Enemy Mine[edit]


  • 1: Ride minecart to secret radar installation.


You start off exactly where you finished, just beside the minecart. Before you get in go to your left to get a heap of ammo and weaponry. When you do get to the minecart going, get ready for a roller coaster ride. Make sure all ammo is loaded and that you have a good aim.

As you pass the first station platform, shoot the barrel, this will kill the two guards. Quickly recover your aim as your next shot ain't as easy. You soon enter a large open area, again aim for all barrels in sight. As you re-enter the enclosed space, kill any remaining visible Germans.

The next station, is a disaster zone, shoot all barrels, especially those near Germans, and any remaining Nazis. The next station is not quite as bad as the last, but be careful. Will will soon be in a water filled cavern, just shoot anything you can, noting in particular!

As you continue down the track, look overhead for snipers, theres a good few of them. Soon you will see a medical pack on the edge of the track, if you try you can reach it. The next open area contains another platform, kill the guards on it and pick up another Medical pack. After that theres just one more station, which is followed by an exit (Objective 1.)

Mission 3: Under the Radar[edit]


  • 1: Find the demolition charges
  • 2: Disable both radar stations
  • 3: Radio Allies your position
  • 4: Find entrance to HO-IX hanger


Have a good look around the area your in, you'll find the demolition charges (Objective 1,) easily, just be careful of the mounted machine gun. Work your way to the first radar station and blow it up (Objective 2.) Quickly take a good stance on one of the railings to shoot everything in sight. After you have destroyed everything on ground, look up, a panserscerk may have shot at you after the blast of the radar station, send a couple shells back to the area the shot came from.

Quickly re-enter the radar station and head downstairs, when you enter the large yard, be careful, there is no way you could have killed everything from up on the cliff face. Have a good look round and kill any extra Germans. When done, head across the area, to find the path. If you make a left turn, you will be able to walk uphill. At the top you can find out weather or not you hit the panzerserck.

If all is well, head back downhill, and follow the path, kill all surprises, theres plenty of them. You will soon meet a fork in the road, take a right. At the end of this track you can see into a small camp, use your panzerserck to kill all occupants.

After collecting all ammo and health, head on down the track, you will come across a couple more Germans. The next area is best described as hell. You'll soon see why, get your panzerserck fixed on the mounted machine gun nests as quickly as possible, after a few shoots, switch to a standard rifle or machine gun, and don't stop looking at the nest for another 60 seconds, it is almost certain, the nest will be re-manned.

After thats done, head right up to the nest and get the medical pack just beside the concrete wall. Quickly dash back and make your way to the next area, the first thing you will notice is a large bridge/destroyed/structure thing - well use it to hide behind and let the second machine gun nest, suffer the same fate as the first. When the nest is fully out of service, cross the concrete thing, and have a good look to find one German and a field surgeons kit.

When this is done, make you way inside the large building that housed the two machine gun nests. Inside the two machine gun nest chambers you will find two medical kits. You can play with the guns for a minute if you want.

When your done head upstairs and set the demolition charges on the radar station (Objective 2,) and get yourself out of their! Your should be able to make your way to the next area without my advice, theres only 15 Germans to negotiate!

Anyways when you get to the next area, head inside the first building to radio your allies (Objective 3,) and the second building to enter the hanger (Objective 4.)

Mission 4: Stealing the Show[edit]


  • 1: Find and eliminate Sturmgeist
  • 2: Steal the HO-IX


Well you've done it, you've made it to the last level! And before I give you the walkthrough, may I just say it is surprisingly easy to kill 55 Germans in less than seven minutes!

You start at the exit of a small building. First, re-enter the building and get all the beautiful ammo and take note of where to find the six field surgeon kits - you'll need them!

Return to the exit, but stay about 2 meters clear of it. Use your sniper to pick out any visible enemies; you should manage 15-20 Germans like that. However, soon you must reload your guns and make a quick dash outside to the left, enter the building straight ahead (the one with a half dozen Germans streaming out!) and go straight to the back of it. Reload all weapons and start over with the sniper. You will get another dozen Germans like this, but soon will run out of them.

When the area is clear, head outside and collect all the ammo and health you can find (one must wonder how Patterson carries so much!). Anyways, take your time and don't miss any. When you are entering the next building, stop at the entrance, a bomb will be dropped soon on the building causing the roof to cave in.

Because of this bomb dropping the room in the you're in, you should be Nazi-Free. If it is, move into the hanger on the right. Inside you will see a nice little plane; and a not so nice bunch of Germans. After killing them, reload all guns and get your panzerserck out. In the next room you see a clip of Strumgeist saying, "You're a brave boy." After its over, blow him to bits (Objective 1), as well as his guards.

Finally, steal the HO-IX (Objective 2,) and the game is cleared!