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I have heard several people say there is no replay value in this game, well there is, so here's a list of things to do if you're bored.

  • Try clearing the game in all 3 difficulties.
  • Try clearing every level with a gold - in all 3 difficulties!
  • Try to get all the medals.
  • See how high you can get your accuracy overall the levels.
  • See how far you can get using only a pistol (or rifle in D-Day)
  • See how quick you can clear the game.
  • See how many levels you can clear without getting an extra health item (Field Surgeon Pack, Medical Kit, Medical Canteen)
  • See how far you can get by only whacking people with your gun!
  • See how far you can get without shooting or killing any enemies!
  • Try to finish all levels without an Ally dying
  • Take out all tanks without Machine gun
  • Flush all the toilets
  • Have a group of enemies play "Chasey" with you throughout the level
  • Beat the level in the fastest possible time
  • Get 100% Accuracy
  • Get only head shots and severely beat all Civilians!