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  • Always destroy boxes/crates, they will often contain ammo or health, especially in the long levels like Eye of the Storm or Nijmegen Bridge.
  • Never ever miss the opportunities created by a sniper rifle, you can zoom to incredible lengths with great accuracy.
  • When you start gathering explosives like grenades, use them to lure enemies around corners, they will always bounce off walls at U-Turn corners, so use them when needed.
  • If you don't need health, don't take it you will eventually need it and you will therefore know were to look, and you understand yourself that using a Field Surgeons Pack to heal you 10% back to health is wasteful.
  • To speed up blowing up a grenade, (e.g. if an enemy is abouts to kick it away,) simply shoot it, it usually works fine.
  • When you are not in a conflict zone, always reload your weapons, yes weapons - cycle through all you weapons and reload.


The following are some of the questions i've been asked.

Q: I can't climb ladders!

A: To climb a ladder (using MOH Classic) face upwards and press R3 button up wards.

Q: Why am I not able to reload the M1 Garand?

A: The M1 Garand was not designed in real life to be reloaded in the middle of a magazine, and EA wanted to keep the game real, so they made it just like that, it is advisable to just shoot out the remaining bullets if you need to reload.

Q: "Hi, I am trying to beat under the radar [the level], when I have to destroy the two radar towers and what not [???], my only problem is, I cannot find the way into the second tower." [he continues on to say that he is at the bunkers and can't progress.]

A: OK, this is a fairly common mistake, at the bunkers there is a wall dividing the two areas, you have obviously not noticed this because the two bunkers are noticeable from the first area. To get to the second, head back to the top of area two after you get the health pack and move on to the side of the second bunker to find a door that brings you inside.

Q: I'm constantly running out of ammo for all my good guns, and then am left with a stupid pistol to kill the next 20 Germans, how can I retain more ammo?

A: This is a common mistake, my best advice is, when up against small groups of Germans, use your pistol, only use the better guns in conflict zones, so keep alternating your weapon, otherwise you will easily never have enough ammo, and of course never pass a dead body without taking his ammo.