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The following are the different enemies and their description, also included is a rating of how dangerous an enemy may be. This information was sourced from the official website.

Ambushed Officer[edit]

  • German officers do not like when you steal their uniforms as a disguise, so kill them before they discover. The only other place you will find an Ambushed Officer is on the levels were you find a solider sleeping in bed, e.g. on the U-Boat or War Train.
  • They are dressed in white robes.
  • Danger: 2/10

Gestapo Officer[edit]

  • Extremely dangerous, with a real officer look, will try ruthlessly to kill you by any means, even if it means his own death.
  • Wears a grey uniform, with a real officers hat straight from Hollywood, and has a very pointy nose.
  • Danger: 10/10

Krieg Dockguard[edit]

  • The shipping cargos and the U-Boat fleet are protected from harm by the Krieg Dockguards. They commonly attempt to kill you from a distance, sniping usually, but will come up to you and knock you out if called for.
  • Wearing a normal army outfit, with a navy coloured uniform, with slight bits of orange and a real army hat.
  • Danger: 6/10

Kreig Motorcycle Trooper[edit]

  • Armed heavily with a MP-40, they ride motorcycles.
  • Wears goggles, and Darck Green uniform, they ride motorcycles and wear the standard army hat.
  • Danger: 9/10

Luftwaffe Mechanics[edit]

  • Surprisingly dangerous, but still not that much of a threat to your average MOH player.
  • Wears grey overalls covered in oil.
  • Danger: 4/10

Luftwaffe Soldier[edit]

  • To get to the HO-IX, you must defeat the Luft soldiers from the German Luft Corps, they are heavily armed.
  • They wear a grey uniform (with lovely little orange collars!) They also have those tiny Air Corp hats!
  • Danger: 7/10

Panzer Grenadier[edit]

  • Heavily armed and capable, despite being few they are nasty.
  • Wears camouflaged uniform.
  • Danger: 8/10

Rudolf Von Sturmgeist[edit]

  • The big guy, the whole game revolves around him, he is the commander in charge of the HO-IX Project.
  • Black overcoat, with fur edges like a pilots, a pointed hat, and the swastika symbol on the arm.
  • Danger: 10/10


  • Scientists are tall thin men with goggles over their heads to put it bluntly, it’s not too hard to kill them but they are annoying.
  • Wear white coats, goggles, and a Nazi symbol around their necks.
  • Danger: 3/10

SS NCO[edit]

  • A well trained soldier, who are probably the most dangerous of their rank.
  • Looks very like any normal battlefield soldier, dark green uniforms, and brown trousers.
  • Danger: 8/10

SS Schutzen[edit]

  • Very like SS NCO.
  • Same as SS NCO, except for uniform colour is darker, and they wear a air corps hat.
  • Danger: 8/10

SS Officer[edit]

  • A short fat officer - who is actually quite dangerous.
  • Wears an officers uniform, medals, and an officers hat.
  • Danger: 7/10

Strumgeist's Elite Guard[edit]

  • A set of top ranking soldier's who work exclusively for Rudolf Von, Strumgeist, they are extremely dangerous.
  • Navy/Black/Purple overcoat, with orange shirt and red tie underneath.
  • Danger: 9/10

Tank Commander[edit]

  • A form of ruthless officer who will do anything to eliminate the enemy threat (you!)
  • Wears head-phones, and a black suit with red bits.
  • Danger: 10/10

Malevolent Chef[edit]

  • Armed solely with a knife, the chef will continuously throw knives at you, he appears in several levels in the kitchen, and is quite easy to spot as well as hit.
  • The Chef is overweight wearing a white apron, black trousers and a nice red chef’s hat.
  • Danger: 8/10

U-Boat Captain[edit]

  • Not really that dangerous, just a normal captain with a pistol.
  • White captains hat, and light mustard uniform, very obvious.
  • Danger: 2/10

Wehrmacht Engineer[edit]

  • A plane engineer, not that dangerous.
  • Jet-Black trousers, a white T-shirt! And grey top.
  • Danger: 2/10

Wehrmacht Field Officer[edit]

  • These officers carry both Walther pistols and machine guns, they are quite dangerous.
  • Wears a weird form of a hat, and a light green uniform.
  • Danger: 9/10

Wehrmacht Grenadier[edit]

  • A normal soldier.
  • Wears a chain of machine gun bullets around neck, as well as a standard green uniform.
  • Danger: 8/10

Wehrmacht Soldier[edit]

  • A very resourceful type of soldier.
  • Wears an officer’s hat despite being a soldier, and wears baggy pants.
  • Danger: 8/10