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Medals and Stars[edit]

There are 9 different medals to collect. To earn a medal, you must get gold stars in all of a campaign's individual levels. The medals are as follows going by each campaign.

D-Day (prologue): Army Distinguished Service Medal Campaign 1: Army Commendation Medal Campaign 2: Soldier's Medal Campaign 3: Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross Campaign 4: Legion of Merit Campaign 5: Distinguished Flying Service Cross, Silver Star, EA Los Angeles Medal of Valor, Bronze Star, Distinguished Service Cross. The star requirements for each level are as follows:

Bronze Star Requirements - Complete the level Silver Star Requirements - Complete the level & 95% of enemies neutralized. Gold Star Requirements - Complete the level, 95% of enemies neutralized & 75% health left. For a rough guide to getting gold stars, see Medal of Honor: Frontline/Gold Stars.