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The following are some of the games flaws, mistakes and glitches. Some are minor - others quite humorous!

Missing Covers[edit]

On the D-Day mission the soldiers don't have covers for their guns, whereas in the real event they were equipped with them; these covers were needed to make sure the guns didn't jam in the water.

BAR problem[edit]

The BAR gun gives a bit of a kick in the game, however in real life this does not occur at all.

Camera Angle[edit]

This glitch occurs when you press a certain combination of buttons including look up, and your view is stuck on either up or down. You may have to restart to get the view unlocked.

Walk through Walls[edit]

In the level Arnhem Knights, if certain events happen at the right time and you press certain buttons during this, walls may become only visual and you may walk through them, This can happen anywhere between after you talk to the English Commander and when you go around the first heap of rubble. You can restore proper gameplay by collecting ammo or heading past the first heap of rubble. It is purely a small glitch that went un-noticed in testing, it can actually be fun to have this glitch activated. The main problem is that you cannot go up a set of steps while like this, because you will go through the stairs instead of up them.

Fall through floor (Removed)[edit]

This glitch was rumoured to have occurred in the second mission of D-Day. EA realised that if invincibility was left on after the gun bunker had been bombed, the player would fall through the floor. For this reason, invincibility doesn't work inside the bunker when the plane takes its bombing run.

German BAR[edit]

In the beginning of the D-Day level, one of the Germans has a BAR.