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Mission 1: Your Finest Hour[edit]


  • 1: Meet the Captain on Shore.
  • 2: Rescue Four Pinned Down Squad Members.
  • 3: Rejoin Squad at Shingle Embankment.
  • 4: Rescue Engineer at End of Embankment.
  • 5: Rendezvous with Captain at Base of Bunker.
  • 6: Cross the Minefield and Man Machine Gun.
  • 7. Destroy MG Nests on Ridge.
  • 8. Eliminate Enemy Soldiers in Trench.


When the level starts you are in a Higgen's Boat, en route to Omaha Beach. All you can do here is sit back and look at the scenery. After some time the captain will give you a short battleplan, which goes awry as an artillery shell hits your boat. Eventually, you'll swim to shore, and take control. You don't have time to look around, because the Germans will soon have you in their sights. The captain is hiding behind a destroyed landing craft. Run over to him. (Objective 1)You'll be safe there for a while. The captain informs you that the survivors of the squad are all over the beach. (There are only 4). And guess who has to find them? You.

Traverse the beach and look for soldiers. Three of them are hiding behind the hedgehogs (the large metal objects that obstruct the beach)and one more is hiding in an artillery crater. Go over to them and they will ask for cover. Shoot at the machine guns (about 4 times) then the soldiers will scramble for cover. after you have four of these soldiers rescued (Objective 2), go and search the beach for any health/ammo. (Note that once you rescue the soldier on the far-left of the map, a German plane will attack you, so you had better find cover fast).

When you have this done, go to the fence and talk to your captain who is at around half way down the fence line (Objective 3). He will tell you that there's an engineer pinned down at the far end. You must go to were he is and give him cover fire as he runs to where your captain is (Objective 4.) Follow him back, shooting at the closest tower occasionally. If you stop firing at the towers, he will fall. Most of the time he will stay down until you resume fire on the tower. He will enventually reach the captain, and blow a hole in the sea wall. When the explosion is over, use the distraction to make a run for the captain, who has moved to the front of the German tower (Objective 5,) here you will find a Field Surgeon Pack. He will ask you to dash across a mine field. Use the craters as a path so you don't run into any mines. Kill the two Germans (one to your right and one to the left ahead of you,) once that's done, go up the ladder (face upwards and hold R3 Upwards,) and man the machine gun (Objective 6.) Use your new fire power to take out the two German Machine Gun nests on the cliff edge (Objective 7,) after you have eliminated the enemy soldiers in the trench (Objective 8.)

You can now climb down the ladder and meet up with your captain who comes running across the mine field. He will start talking to you and the level will end.

Mission 2: Into The Beach[edit]


  • 1: Clear Machine Gun Bunker.
  • 2: Destroy Radio Link to Upper Gun Deck.
  • 3: Find Smoke Grenades.
  • 4: Clear Both Gun Decks.


At the start of the mission - which is really just a follow on from the last mission - you will be listening to your captain, listen to his advice and then wait until a fellow soldier runs out past the corner, he will be shot with a mounted machine gun, while the enemy is distracted by this, you should make your way around the corner.

You will now be facing the mounted gun, shoot the explosive barrels straight in front of you, this will kill the gunner behind the mounted machine gun. Continue around the corner, and shoot the enemy to your left as you turn round the corner. Shoot the barrels as you go along, this will kill most of the remaining Germans, as you enter the room with the machine gun, the surviving gunner will unleash a mad spray of fire at you. Carefully take him out to clear the room (Objective 1,) and take over the gun. Use it to kill the Germans that charge down the slope. To your right is a Field Surgeon Pack, use it if necessary, but leave it if you still have over 60% health, you can come back for it at a later stage if you are injured badly. Also you will have noticed one when you turned the second corner after shooting the barrels, leave that also if you can.

Now continue upstairs, shoot the guard on the 3rd set of steps, and continue until you come out the stairs entrance, to your right is a short corridor, at the end is a German using the radio, kill him and destroy the radio (Objective 2.) After doing that, continue on until you have gone around 2 corners and another short corridor. You can now see several boxes in front of you, with a German behind one of them, kill him, and the other two in the room. After this you will find a ladder, go up it by facing upwards and pressing R3 upwards.

At the top of the stairs, you will encounter one German in front of you to your right, behind him is a Field Surgeons Pack - leave it unless you really need it, you shouldn't need it, but... Anyways when you've gotten rid of the next guard, and the one after him in the following room, you will see an underground passage, with raw earth and wooden supports. Straight ahead are the Smoke Grenades, don't get them until you have "neutralised" the enemy to the right, then get your Smoke Grenades (Objective 3.)

Continue on into a small room full of boxes, kill the three Germans behind the boxes, and proceed into another tunnel. There's only one guard patrolling it and chances are you killed him while spraying bullets through the boxes, if not kill him now and continue on into another small box filled room. There are two more guards behind the boxes, shoot the barrel beside them and move down the tunnel, after getting the Field Surgeons Pack if needed.

At the end of the tunnel, use your Thompson to take out the five Germans scattered throughout the room, when you have that done, get the next Field Surgeons Pack, if needed as usual. You will see another ladder at the end, use it as directed before and kill the guard in the next room and destroy the upper-radio-link, which he is using or was using...

You can now go through the door to the left and kill all of the five soldiers in the tower, they will not hear you as long as the mounted machine guns are being used (Objective 4.) Take a few potshots at the tower to the right. After you've done so, a Mustang will strafe the tower, and kill the enemies. But get down, because the Mustang will turn around and try to attack you too! when that's done plant the smoke bombs by pressing square at the red areas in the tower. Then make your way quickly out and walk outside - The captain will take out the last German and start a nice long chat with you.