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Primary Objectives:

  • Navigate the Minefield (Campaign only)
  • Destroy fuel tank
  • Infiltrate V2 Facility
  • Find a way to sabotage V2 Production
  • Escape
  • Use a sniper rifle to repel the assault

Secondary Objectives:

  • Defend against rear attack
  • Radio OSS Control (Campaign only)
  • Destroy anti-aircraft gun
  • Steal the warhead blue-prints

Like the Bombed City, you have to move slowly through the minefield. To add to the difficulty, a timer of five minutes has been added so try not to stay in the minefield for too long or you might get shot.

Provided that you learned everything before this level you need to really be flexible with your aim and fire against a horde or soldiers who will stop at nothing to destroy you.

You're going to have to find the last blue safe and the radio. Also take out the germans after you go through the minefield and use the artillery to take down the anti-aircraft gun.

It's hard to use the explosives when you're distracted so make sure you clear the area before you use it. Also when you reach the end, when you open the large door in the control room, you have five minutes to get out and is indeed the most challenging part of the game. When the doors open try to take down the germans and if you get hurt, that's when you go down, take down the germans that are respawning and open the next door. Do the same but watch out for germans coming from the other end. Also don't bring the bazooka for this last part. The reason is you'll run out of ammo quickly. For the last part, open the door near the exit and after dealing with the last of the soldiers outside your area, use the machine gun mount and really take out the last of the germans until it's clear for you to go out.