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Primary Objectives:

  • Get to the bunker at the end of the beach
  • Use a grenade to blow the ammo cache
  • Breach the sea wall

Secondary Objectives:

  • Steal the guards' duty roster
  • Retrieve shipping forecast

This level will help you familiarize with the game. The only thing you need to do to get a gold achievement is to destroy the blue safe with your gun to retrieve the shipping forecast and find the duty roster in the barracks.

To shoot is with B button and to change weapons is Left dpad and Right dpad. To crouch and stand is Down dpad and C button on the Wii Zapper. Aim is moving your Remote button and Wii Zapper around the screen. Lock on, only in the Green difficulty is Z button or A button on the Wii Zapper. Reload is swing the Remote button or Wii Zapper up or Up dpad. Lean left or right is hold A button and tilt the Nunchuk button. The Wii Zapper uses Z button and tilt the Wii Zapper left or right.

Melee is thrusting Remote button+Nunchuk button or Wii Zapper forward. To throw the grenade in an overhand toss, aim where you want to throw, tap B button then toss Remote button back to front. The Wii Zapper is the same but you need to do the tossing motion to throw it. For underhand toss, you use Up dpad. Minus button or C button on the Wii Zapper to interact and Plus button to pause and look at the objectives. This will help you if you want a tutorial. In fact, go through the tutorial before you start this game.