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Primary Objectives:

  • Meet with Captain Lasry and help extricate his intel
  • Rally with Baker Company on the other side of town
  • Find your way through the minefield (Campaign only)
  • Defend against Axis counter-attack

Secondary Objectives:

  • Take out SS agent
  • Rescue stranded squad
  • Retrieve POW records
  • Find a radio and contact HQ (Campaign only)

In the Arcade Mode, if you see the German soldier with a yellow marker on his shoot him before he disappears. Shoot the blue safe to get the documents and tune the radio for more information on your mission.

The minefield is actually the hardest to deal with in this game. You move with Remote button or Wii Zapper left or right. You must take it nice and slow and if the mine detector alerts you to the mine, either step back or move to the side until it doesn't detect anything. When the detector doesn't detect anything, that's when you can move in.

When you reach the stranded squad, set the explosives so that the other soldiers would help you in this mission.

What you need to remember the most for the remainder of this mission and the rest of the other missions is the way you stop the Germans respawning is to go to that area where they respawn and it will stop completely.