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Special tips[edit]

  • You can go to the Options screen to try out different settings for your controls.
  • The recommended controls for Arcade Mode is for the Wii Zapper because the controls for this mode is much easier to use and more suitable when it comes to using weapons that requires a different method.
  • The controls for Campaign Mode is the Elite Controls because the layout is more flexible than the Wii Zapper and you have enough time to try out the weapons which requires a unique method.
  • Newcomers who isn't familiar with this game should start out with the green difficulty and also the lock on feature only available for this difficulty to help you aim for the body until they're out of sight.
  • If you kill the enemies with a yellow swastika in Arcade Mode, they will lead you into a different path for a secondary objective.
  • In Campaign Mode, if you get too much damage, find some cover and wait until the redness on the screen disappears before getting back into the action. That method will help you recover your health automatically.
  • In Arcade Mode, make sure you shoot at health packs because you'll be taken down by hordes of enemies.