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Primary Objectives:

  • Cover the squad as they secure the Courtyard
  • Take out Axis forces in the Monastery
  • Destroy the German convoy
  • Find a way to let the squad into the chapel

Secondary Objectives:

  • Protect the Graveyard from the Axis counter-attack
  • Find the classified development schedule
  • Protect the motorcade from the Axis counter-attack
  • Find a radio and contact OSS Control (Campaign only)
  • Retrieve Uranium docket

There's a machine gun mount where the graveyard is. To use the machine gun mount, you have to move both the Remote button and Nunchuk button in the same direction parallel to each other and fire with B button. The Wii Zapper will move like a machine gun mount and B button to fire.

Find the blue safes for Uranium dockets and the classified developments. Also don't forget to tune the radio to find out more about your mission.