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Primary Objectives:

  • Destroy the German U-boats
  • Find a radio and contact OSS Control (Campaign only)
  • Secure the docks and advance to the city
  • Find a way into the sub pens
  • Assault the guardhouse and bazooka the fuel tank
  • Find a sniper rifle and soften up the guardhouse

Secondary Objectives:

  • Hold your ground against reinforcements
  • Intercept the U-boat shipping manifest
  • Cover Baker Company with the Panzerschreck
  • Eliminate the U-boat Commander

This level is a little harder. When you get to the U-Boats, to set the explosives, tilt the Remote button on the right side and when it's in full circle, flick up to complete it. Same with the Wii Zapper.

The sniper might be hard to use at first. Aim with A button, tilt the Nunchuk button left or right to adjust the zoom and B button to fire. For the Wii Zapper, aim with Z button, zoom in and out with Up nunchuk/Down nunchuk and B button to fire.

The bazooka requires a unique method. You need to turn the Remote button upside down to aim, move the aim with the Neutral nunchuk and fire with B button. For the Wii Zapper, you don't have to turn that upside down but you have to aim with Z button, move the Wii Zapper to move your aim and fire with B button.

The radio is curiously the easiest to deal with except you only have 30 seconds to find the female officer who is saying "Come in, come in." You just need to tilt the Remote button left or right to change the frequency and the A button to lock on. The Wii Zapper is more easier, you just need to move it Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk to change the frequency and the A button to lock on.

There's a blue safe somewhere in the warehouse where the U-boats were and the U-Boat Commander could be in there. The Arcade version will have a yellow marker on his head so be ready to react and shoot him before he disappears off screen.