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Even though the Arcade Mode and the Campaign Mode is almost the same, there's bound to be things that might be vital to finish the game and some pointers that will help you finish the game especially when it comes to using weapons and the difference between Elite Control and the Wii Zapper.

Campaign mode[edit]

You have full control of your movement on both Elite Controls and Wii Zapper. Here's a few pointers to get you started:

  • Unlike other WW2 amd first person shooter games, the weapons you use, even the mounted machine gun requires a unique method of handling the guns.
  • The grenades should be easy to use. Just click the crosshair on the target with B button then do a motion to throw the grenade.
  • Crouching makes it harder for your enemies to attack you. Use it if you are in definite danger. But if that doesn't work, try to find some cover.
  • Unfortunately, you can't melee any of your opponents in this game. Instead, you're going to have to shoot your enemies up close since they have a better shot then enemies at a distance.
  • There's only two levels involving mines. Take your time and slowly go through the mine field with your metal detector. The final level has a time limit so do your best to memorise where are the mines in the field because you do go through trial and error.
  • The radio should be easy to tune. To know what you do in your mission, all you have to find is the frequency with the English voice which stands out from music and German voices.
  • The machine gun should be used in short bursts. You'll easily lose accuracy if you empty your clip.
  • The machine gun turret can get overheated. Pace yourself so you can continuously attack the enemies until they're finished.

Arcade mode[edit]

With this mode, you don't have to worry about moving your character but you have to keep yourself alive throughout every level:

  • All weapons have unlimited ammunition. As long as you handle every weapon wisely.
  • The shotgun even with Elite Controls uses autopumps so there won't be manual pumps by using Nunchuk button.
  • With this rail-shooter version, you need to reload your weapons frequently. You could die if your enemy attacks you while you're reloading.
  • As the enemies for every level gets harder and harder, you seriously need to shoot at the green health pack to keep yourself from dying. If your health bar reaches red, find the green health pack if you can take down your enemies with deadly accuracy.
  • To add to the higher score, you should shoot at the blue safes before that object goes offscreen.
  • The enemy with the yellow swastika is the key to finding secondary objectives. But you have to quickly shoot him before he goes offscreen. This might help you if you are in Campaign mode and you might wonder what you're missing as you go through the game.
  • Don't forget to crouch when the health bar goes red. If you are overwhelmed by enemies constantly showing up and you need time to breathe, crouching could limit where the enemy is shooting at.