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Wii PlayStation 2 Action
Neutral nunchuk Move
Remote button Look, aim
Left nunchuk Right nunchuk Lean left/right (Ironsights mode)
Up nunchuk Down nunchuk Peer over/under {Ironsights mode)
Left dpad Switch primary weapons
Right dpad Grenades
Up dpad+Neutral nunchuk Sprint
Down dpad Centre view
B button Fire weapon
Tap B button then Shake remote Throw grenade
A button Ironsights mode
Minus button Set charges (hold it for maximum time)
C button Z button or Nunchuk button up/down Jump, stance up/down
Tilt Nunchuk button left About face (180° turn)
Tilt Nunchuk button right or 2 button Reload weapon
Move Remote button forward or 1 button Melee attack
Plus button Pause game, view mission objectives
Twist Nunchuk button left/right Zoom in/out (when using a scoped rifle)