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You're the American Elite 82nd Airborne Division as Corporal Frank Keegan. You start at the shores of Sicily to the airdrop inside Nazi Germany during the epic of World War 2.

Here are the things to get you started in this game.

  • You have a compass giving you direction on the journey you're going through. Green dots are your allies. Red dots are your enemies. Yellow arrows are the primary objectives and blue arrows are secondary objectives.
  • Unlike previous games prior to Halo 2, you usually have a health bar. In this game, your health will automatically work overtime in healing you back to full health. Your compass will show the direction from where you're being hit. If too many enemies are shooting at you, find a cover quickly and wait until the heartbeat clears before you go to battle again.
  • Sprint sparingly. Unless you're a really brave shooter, look around for enemies before you sprint to a spot where you want to go.
  • You can't always go out and shoot in the open. The environment is usually there to give you cover like under windows or behind open doors. Take advantage of places where you can shoot or throw grenades to survive this game.
  • Different types of guns change how you shoot the enemies around you. Pistols are best used to give you accurate shots. Machine guns should be used in short bursts, to save you some ammo and are more accurate in getting body shots if there are too many enemies for you to shoot.
  • If you see ammunition or grenades behind, grab them or else your mission runs short and you may have to resort to meleeing an enemy and using their guns instead.