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Mega Man[edit]

Mega Man as he appears on the Famicom/NES
Mega Man as he appears on the Mega Drive/Genesis

Mega Man is a robot creation of Dr. Thomas Light. He started out as a simple assistant robot named Rock, along with his sister Roll. When Dr. Wily reprogrammed six construction robots created by Dr. Light to obey his commands and turn against the very civilization that they were designed to help, Dr. Light knew something had to be done. Due to his programmed sense of right and wrong, Rock volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot. Thus, from that day forth, he became known as "Mega Man" (Rockman in Japan).

Mega Man possesses many abilities that make him stronger and give him more endurance than an ordinary human. Two of his greatest assets are his cybernetic legs which give him tremendous jumping ability, and the Mega Buster affixed on his arm. But the ability which may possibly be his best, is the ability to copy and adapt the weaponry of opponents that he meets and defeats. This allows him to take a weapon from one enemy and utilize it against another.


Mega Man can withstand a great deal of punishment, but he is not invulnerable. A health meter is visible at all times in the upper left corner of the screen. Mega Man begins each stage or new life with a full health bar. As Mega Man takes damage, this meter will decrease. He can replenish this meter by collecting health items. If the meter is depleted, Mega Man will lose one life. He will also die instantly if he falls through the bottom of the screen, or touches the deadly spikes that line certain floors.

Mega Man has a supply of lives. He begins with two extra lives, and can earn more by collecting 1-Up items. If you lose a life and have more in reserve, you will either start at a stage checkpoint if you passed one, or from the beginning of the stage. If Mega Man runs out of lives, the game will be over. You will be offered the chance to continue as many times as you like, but there is no save or password system on the original Famicom/NES version, so you will lose any progress when you turn the machine off.


For more details on this topic, see Mega Man/Weapons.

Mega Man can acquire more weapons than just his default Mega Buster (his arm cannon). To do so, he has to beat a Robot Master. Weapons provide new ways of attacking, giving Mega Man projectiles that can move at different trajectories (e.g. vertically), a shield, and other effects. The only non-combat weapon in the game is acquirable by finding the Magnet Beam.

These weapons are particularly useful for defeating other Robot Masters in the game. Most bosses have vulnerabilities to one or more particular weapon. Knowing these weaknesses is key to forming a strategy for what order to take each Robot Master on.

Mega Man's primary weapon, the Mega Buster, has unlimited ammunition so it will never run out. However, any weapons that he acquires from another Robot Master will have a limited supply. When using such a weapon, a second meter will appear along side Mega Man's health meter. This new meter will indicate how much supply of ammunition he has left to fire this weapon.

With each use, the energy bar will be reduced. The rate of reduction depends on the weapon. Ammunition can be collected by collecting ammo items, or a yashichi. These items can be used to replenish any weapon, but Mega Man must be actively using a weapon in order to collect more ammo from it. Collecting ammo while using the regular Mega Buster has no effect. All ammunition is automatically restored if you die and continue your game.

Game over screen[edit]

The game over screen is a blue screen that shows your score. Two choices are given: continue, or select a level. If you choose to continue, you will begin at the start of the level you were just playing. Otherwise, you can choose to select a new level. In either case, your score will be reset to 0000000.


This is the only Mega Man game in the series that has a score. Score is only used for competitive purposes. It is erased easily, does not affect the game in any way, and does not get recorded.

Ways to increase your score:

  • Once you select a Robot Master to fight, the loading screen will show you the "clear points" (see below) that will be rewarded if you beat the stage.
  • Destroy an enemy robot. This results in small amounts like 300 points. See Mega Man/Enemies for how many points each enemy gives.
  • Acquire bonus points power-ups. After beating a stage, the number of bonus points power-ups will be multiplied by 1000 and added to your score.

Clear points[edit]

The clear points for the first six bosses are chosen randomly between 50,000 to 100,000 points (in increments of 10,000 points). You can tell that this is random because when you go to choose a Robot Master, the clear points will rotate quickly between all of the possibilities until it stops, similar to a slot machine. If you start a new game, pick a stage and note the clear points, then reset and do it again, then there's no guarantee that you'll get the same amount both times. The final level always rewards 200,000 points.


Power-ups are items that can be picked up by Mega Man. They are placed in specific locations of each level. When an enemy is destroyed, it has a small chance of dropping any of these power-ups, except for the Magnet Beam.

Note: when an enemy drops a power-up, the power-up can be embedded in the wall the enemy was in. If that occurs, you will be unable to get the item. If an enemy is killed near the top edge of the screen, it is possible that the power-up will be "deleted" - that is, instead of falling to the ground like it normally would, it would be removed from the game no longer exist. This rule also applies to enemies themselves, such as flying penguins and bomb bullets, which will essentially die if they touch the top of the screen.

Health capsule Weapon power
Mega Man 1 item health big.gif
Mega Man 1 item health small.gif
Throughout Mega Man's efforts to bring Dr. Wily's robots down, he will be under attack and sustain damage from time to time. These capsules will refuel his power cells and restore any lost energy. A small capsule restore two units while an large ones restore 10 units.
Mega Man 1 item weapon big.gif
Mega Man 1 item weapon small.gif
Whenever Mega Man fires a weapon that he obtains from another Robot Master, he uses up some of that weapon's power. He can restore that power by collecting a weapon capsule, but he must be using the weapon he wishes to restore. A small capsule restore two units while an large ones restore 10 units.
Bonus points 1-Up icon
Mega Man 1 item bonus.png
Found only in this version of Mega Man, and no other, some defeated enemies will drop small colored orbs. They do nothing when they are collected. However, if you manage to defeat a Robot Master, or make it to the end of a Dr. Wily stage, you will be awarded 1000 bonus points for every point orb you collect without dying.
Mega Man 1 item 1-Up.png
You begin the game with 2 extra lives. However, you can earn more by finding and collecting these 1-Up icons. Some are placed in predetermined locations throughout various stages, while others are dropped very infrequently by defeated enemies. Those left behind by enemies won't stick around long, so pick them up before they disappear.
Weapons part Yashichi
Mega Man 1 item power.gif
In the first Mega Man, a fight with a Robot Master is not complete until you collect the orb containing the defeated Robot Master's weapon. They drop from the ceiling when the Robot Master is eliminated.
Mega Man 1 item yashichi.png
Another item that is unique to the first Mega Man, the Yashichi is an iconic symbol that is present in many Capcom games. In Mega Man, it is only found once in the last stage of Dr. Wily's fortress. It is very difficult to collect, but if you do, it will restore all of your health, all of your weapons to full energy, and give you 100,000 bonus points.
Magnet Beam
Mega Man 1 item magnet beam.png
The Magnet Beam is the only non-weapon item that Mega Man can collect and utilize at will. When used, it creates a temporary beam which Mega Man can safely stand on, run along, and jump from. The beams won't last forever, so don't stand on them too long. The longer you hold down the button, the longer the platform will be. The beam also has its own meter, which can only be refilled by collecting weapon power capsules. Mega Man is required to collect the beam in order to complete the game, as it is necessary to scale the tall walls in room E of Wily Fortress 1. It is also very useful at the end of Wily Fortress 4 (but not required).