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Astro Man's stage is based on Astro Man's from Mega Man 8.

Roll's transceiver[edit]

SNES version GBA port
  • Be careful of traps in the floors!
  • There are a lot of odd traps and mechanisms on this world. Be careful!
  • There are rooms around here that test your memory.
  • The vanishing blocks are rough! Do your best to keep your cool!
  • (What the heck is up with this stage? I'd wonder what Astro Man was smoking!)
  • There are some traps on certain floors.
  • There are mysterious trick areas here.
  • Use your memory to beat the area!
  • Memorize the pattern of appearing blocks.
  • (What was Astro Man thinking?)
  • Astro Man can manipulate space. Magic might work well against him.
  • Why don't you try and trick him?
  • There appear to be... hmm... 12 Compact-Discs left here. Work hard to find them!
  • There remain 12 CDs in this stage. Good luck.

Item walkthrough[edit]

If you're looking for a specific CD, sort the table by CD or by character. If you want to sort it back by stage progression, sort it by Walkthrough.

CD Mega Man Bass Walkthrough
48 MMB CD048 MM.png MMB CD048 B.png 01. In order to get this CD, Bass can use Treble Boost, then he can continue the stage. Mega Man, instead, has to use the Ice Wall and the Exit Part (or sacrifice one spare body).
74 MMB CD074 MM.png MMB CD074 B.png 02. A CD in plain view. Jump quickly, because the small platform falls.
29 MMB CD029 MM.png N/A 03. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search and CD finder.
69 MMB CD069 MM.png MMB CD069 B.png 04. The Wave Burner is necessary to blast the blocks and reach this CD. It is more tricky for Mega Man; he should start firing before he jumps down.
MMB subboss Tester1 MM.png MMB subboss Tester1 B.png 05. This undestructible obstacle tests the player's memory. Anyway, a sequence of three buttons is extremely easy to remember.
37 MMB CD037 MM.png N/A 06. Mega Man only can get this CD, using his slide; in order to reach the platform, he can use the Wave Burner to melt the block and get a halfway step.
58 MMB CD058 MM.png MMB CD058 B.png 07. use the Wave Burner to melt the ice block.
07 MMB CD007 MM.png N/A 08. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search and CD finder.
65 MMB CD065 MM.png N/A 09. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search and CD finder.
79 MMB CD079 MM.png MMB CD079 B.png 10. The CD is hidden behind a wall.
19 MMB CD019 MM.png N/A 11. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search and CD finder. Destroy the Crunchran when its eye is visible.
24 MMB CD024 MM.png MMB CD024 B.png 12. Mega Man has to climb up all the left path of disappearing blocks, in order to get to this CD. Bass, instead, can take advantage of the Treble Boost.
95 N/A MMB CD095 B.png 13. Bass only can get his own CD, using the Treble Boost and flying upwards from the previous CD.
MMB subboss Tester2 MM.png MMB subboss Tester2 B.png 14. Slightly less easy than the previous memory tester, but still easy: memorize a sequence of five buttons.

Summary of requirements to get all 12 CDs:

  • 3 CDs: free;
  • 2 CDs: Wave Burner;
  • 1 CD: Bass' Treble Boost or Ice Wall (and Exit part);
  • 1 CD: Mega Man's slide and Wave Burner;
  • 4 CDs: Mega Man's Rush Search & CD-finder;
  • 1 CDs: Bass' Treble Boost.

ROBOT MASTER: Astro Man[edit]

MMB DWno58 AstroMan.png

Astro Man is weak against Magic Man's Magic Card.

Astro Man flies around the room, and the lower part of his body protect him from most attacks (except from his weakness); he also uses these attacks:

  • Copy Vision: Astro Man creates two copies of himself in the upper corners of the room, and all the three of them shoot at the hero; the Magic Card can erase the copies.
  • Summon Shururun: Astro Man creates three pits in the floor, and Shururuns pop out of them continuously; destroy the Shururuns, and the pits will disappear, too.
  • Satellite throw: Astro Man sends his two satellites spiraling down to the floor, then smashes down; dodge the satellites, and counter-attack.