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Roll's transceiver[edit]

SNES version GBA port
  • Do you have a weapon that can block spear-holes?
  • Grizzly's armor is very thick. It will be tough with just your normal gun.
  • There are a lot of pit traps here. Do you have a weapon that can find them?
  • Head for the hills to avoid Big Telly's flame bath!
  • (How's your life meter doing? Don't overdo it. Come back in one piece!)
  • Maybe you can block the spears...?
  • Some of the enemies wear thick armor.
  • There must be a way to locate the pitfalls...
  • Find a safe position away from the fire!
  • (Are you okay? Please return back safely.)
  • When Burner Man turns on his burner, just run! I wonder if a wall might block it...
  • .
  • There appear to be... hmm... 12 Compact-Discs left here. Work hard to find them!
  • .

Item walkthrough[edit]

If you're looking for a specific CD, sort the table by CD or by character. If you want to sort it back by stage progression, sort it by Walkthrough.

CD Mega Man Bass Walkthrough
043 MMB CD043 MM.png N/A 01. Mega Man only can get this CD, by using Rush Search & CD-finder.
076 MMB CD076 MM.png N/A 02. Mega Man only can get this CD, by using Rush Search & CD-finder.
054 MMB CD054 MM.png MMB CD054 B.png 03. This CD is hidden in a secret area (entrance shown in Mega Man's screenshot). Mega Man can slide under the Sydecka's rocket, while Bass should quickly dash and double-jump to the CD. Still, Mega Man will need the Ice Wall to get the CD.
020 MMB CD020 MM.png MMB CD020 B.png 04. There's a hidden hole in the platform. Bass can reach this CD with a double-jump, while Mega Man needs the Ice Wall.
061 MMB CD061 MM.png MMB CD061 B.png 05. Both characters can easily get this CD using a Shock Guard. Alternatively, Bass can maneuver carefully using the Treble Boost.
086 MMB CD086 MM.png MMB CD086 B.png 06. This CD is in a secret area to the left of the previous one. Bass can easily reach it using the Treble Boost, while Mega Man needs a shock guard, the Ice Wall and then either the Exit part or sacrifice a spare body.
045 MMB CD045 MM.png MMB CD045 B.png 07. Easy and in plain view! Remember that a Gabyoall can only be destroyed by the Wave Burner.
015 MMB CD015 MM.png N/A 08. Mega Man only can get this CD, by using Rush Search & CD-finder. This is a tricky CD. Mega Man should slide in from the left, call Rush before the slide ends, then slide out and lure the falcon robots on a higher platform. Still, some enemy could attack Rush anyway.
004 MMB CD004 MM.png MMB CD004 B.png 09. This CD in in the room right after the previous one, jumping down. Bass can easily get it with a double-jump. Mega Man can get it, too, but it's more difficult: he should stay to the right as much as possible, use the Lightning Bolt to stop the fall in mid-air, then keep pushing to the right.
081 MMB CD081 MM.png N/A 10. This CD is in a hidden area; after getting the previous one, jump down and walk to the left. Mega Man only can get this CD, by using his slide and the Spread Drill.
097 MMB CD097 MM.png N/A 11. This CD is in hidden within the hidden area. Mega Man only can get this CD, by using not only his slide and the Spread Drill, but also the Wave Burner and the Ice Wall.
016 MMB CD016 MM.png N/A 12. Mega Man only can get this CD, by using Rush Search & CD-finder.

Summary of requirements to get all 12 CDs:

  • 1 CD: free
  • 3 CDs: Bass' double jump or Ice wall (or Lightning Bolt)
  • 2 CDs: Bass' Treble Boost or Shock Guard (and Ice Wall plus Exit part)
  • 2 CDs: Mega Man's slide (plus Spread Drill, Wave Burner and Ice Wall)
  • 4 CDs: Mega Man's Rush Search & CD-finder

ROBOT MASTER: Burner Man[edit]

MMB KGno05 BurnerMan.png

Burner Man is weak against Cold Man's Ice Wall.

Burner Man uses several different attacks:

  • Dash: he dashes back and forth three times, and he's invincible while doing that; stay in the middle of the room, and jump over him.
  • Charged lash: he jumps, charges up and lashes down; when he lands, green fire spreads around him, then he starts dashing again; again, he's invincible during this attack; stay in the middle of the room, slide/dash away, then jump over an edge when he starts dashing.
  • Bear traps & Wave Burner: he jumps up, throws three bear traps across the room, then starts closing in firing the Burner Wave; counter-attack using the Ice Wall, and push him into a spike pit.
  • Bombs: he stands in one place and start throwing a series of bombs; counter-attack using the Ice Wall, and push him into a spike pit.