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Playable characters[edit]

Mega Man Bass
MMB character MM.png
MMB character B.png
Mega Man's abilities:
  • He can slide, thus passing through narrow passages;
  • He can charge up his buster;
  • He can walk while shooting.
Bass' abilities:
  • He can dash, thus performing longer jumps;
  • He can jump in mid-air, also known as "double jump";
  • His buster can shoot in four directions and has rapid-fire.

Non-playable characters[edit]

  • Dr. Light: the creator of Mega Man; he takes care of the CD database.
  • Roll: the twin sister-robot of Mega Man; originally, their names were "Rock & Roll"; she gives information to the heroes through three items.
  • Rightot (Auto): a robot assistant to Dr. Light; he takes care of the shop/laboratory, and sells items to the heroes.
  • Blues (Proto Man): prototype robot built by Dr. Light before Rock & Roll; he appears in two cutscenes and in Bass' ending.