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Joypad control[edit]

Button Use
Left Dpad Right Dpad Walk left/right
Up Dpad Down Dpad Move up/down a ladder
A Button Dash (Bass only)
B Button Jump
Y Button Shoot
X Button not used
Select Button not used
Start Button Pause the game and open the menu
L Button R Button Switch between the two menu screens

Button combinations[edit]

Button Use
Down Dpad + B Button Mega Man slides
Hold Y Button Mega Man charges up his Mega Buster; release to shoot.
Up Dpad/Down Dpad + Y Button Bass shoots in any of these directions: Up, Fwd-Up, Fwd-Down.
Right Dpad + Right Dpad Bass dashes forward (same as pressing A Button)
L Button + R Button + Start Button + Select Button Reset Compact-Disc database (from the save game screen only).