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Dynamo Man's stage is based on Grenade Man's from Mega Man 8.

Roll's transceiver[edit]

SNES version GBA port
  • There are two types of bomb blocks: red and blue. Don't destroy the red ones!
  • When dealing with enemies that chase you, try cloning yourself!
  • When you're on a conveyor belt, you'll go much faster, so be careful.
  • Use a weapon to light up the dark rooms.
  • (Is there a fuse around somewhere? Try lighting it with fire!)
  • Don't break the red blocks...
  • Use a copy to throw an enemy off track.
  • The belt conveyor moves faster and faster.
  • Find the special weapon to light rooms.
  • (I wonder if there is a fuse wire...)
  • You'll need to destroy the recharge machine on both sides to beat Dynamo Man.
  • Destroy the chargers and stop Dynamo Man.
  • There appear to be... hmm... 13 Compact-Discs left here. Work hard to find them!
  • There remain 13 CDs in this stage. Good luck.

Stage walkthrough[edit]


Grenade/Dynamo stage enemies:

  • Spark generator
  • Monopellan
  • Plasma+-
  • Telly
  • Fire Metall
  • Sniper Joe
  • Bunby Tank
  • Move Cannon (sub-boss)
  • Batton
  • Metall

Item walkthrough[edit]

If you're looking for a specific CD, sort the table by CD or by character. If you want to sort it back by stage progression, sort it by Walkthrough.

CD Mega Man Bass Walkthrough
23 MMB CD023 MM.png N/A 01. Mega Man only can get this CD, using his slide and the Ice Wall.
53 MMB CD053 MM.png MMB CD053 B.png 02. Bass needs to perform a double-jump, Mega Man has to use the Ice Wall.
08 MMB CD008 MM.png N/A 03. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search & CD finder.
89 MMB CD089 MM.png N/A 04. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search & CD finder.
25 N/A MMB CD025 B.png 05. Bass only can get to this CD. In order to do so, he needs both Ice Wall (or Treble Boost) and Wave Burner.
82 MMB CD082 MM.png MMB CD082 B.png 06. In order to get to this CD, you have to blast the blocks from the left using the Wave Burner, then take a tour around it and reach it from the right.
01 MMB CD001 MM.png N/A 07. Mega Man only can get his own CD, using Rush Search & CD finder. Then, he has to leave using the Ice Wall.
33 MMB CD033 MM.png N/A 08. Mega Man only can get this CD, using his slide.
39 MMB CD039 MM.png N/A 09. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search & CD finder.
MMB subboss MoveCannon MM.png MMB subboss MoveCannon B.png 10. SUB-BOSS: MOVE CANNON
Weak against Ice Wall. Focus on one side, and destroy four cannons when their blue "eye" is open, then deal with the other side.
99 MMB CD099 MM.png N/A 11. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search & CD finder. The Wave Burner can come in handy to light darkness.
18 MMB CD018 MM.png N/A 12. Mega Man only can get this CD, using Rush Search & CD finder.
63 MMB CD063 MM.png MMB CD063 B.png 13. This CD is in plain view, and easy to get.
12 MMB CD012 MM.png MMB CD012 B.png 14. You have to be very quick to get Quick Man's CD. First, stop when you see a spiked roof (shown in Mega Man's screenshot). Stay on the lower conveyor belt, and make it go as fast as possible. Only then, jump on the spike-roof passage and slide/dash to get even more speed: you should be able to catch the falling CD.

Summary of requirements to get all 13 CDs:

  • 2 CDs: free;
  • 1 CD: Wave Burner;
  • 1 CD: Bass' double-jump or Ice Wall;
  • 2 CDs: Mega Man's slide (and Ice Wall);
  • 6 CDs: Mega Man's Rush Search & CD-finder (and Ice Wall);
  • 1 CD: Bass' Ice Wall (or Treble Boost) and Wave Burner.

ROBOT MASTER: Dynamo Man[edit]

MMB KGno01 DynamoMan.png

Dynamo Man is weak against Astro Man's Copy Vision. Furthermore, when a Copy Vision is on screen, Dynamo Man's attacks will target it instead of Mega Man.

Use the Copy Vision to counter-attack Dynamo Man's attacks only.

  • Dash: Dynamo Man dashes back and forth across the room. Jump over it instead of making any Copy Vision.
  • Dipole shots: Dynamo Man stands in a corner and shoots a series of dipoles at different heights. Create a Copy Vision and stand behind it; the Copy Vision will destroy the lower dipoles (while hitting Dynamo Man), and Mega Man has to slide under the mid-height dipoles only.
  • Electric arc: Dynamo Man jumps across the room leaving an arc of sparks behind itself. Create a Copy Vision in the middle, and slide to the opposite corner; the sparks will target the Copy Vision while it shoots Dynamo Man.
  • Lightning bolt: three sparks will start rotating around Dynamo Man. Create a Copy Vision: the sparks will be attracted by it, instead of going skywards and coming down as a full-screen Lightning Bolt attack.
  • Recharge: a recharger and two platforms appear in the room; Dynamo Man jumps in the recharger and start restoring hit points. Create a Copy Vision on one side of the recharger, and quickly destroy the other half of the recharger on the other side.