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Roll's transceiver[edit]

SNES version GBA port
  • There are some weapons that act differently underwater. Experiment!
  • I wonder if you can move the underwater obstacles...
  • There are a lot of hidden items in the pirate base.
  • You can use the bubbles to go up from the sea floor. Use them well!
  • (Have you found a lot of Compact-Discs? I hope you can find them all!)
  • Maybe there is a weapon to use underwater.
  • Can you move obstacles underwater?
  • Are there hidden treasures here?
  • Utilize the bubbles and go up in the water.
  • (Have you gathered many CDs?)
  • Pirate Man controls water. When there's less of it, he's at his weakest.
  • .
  • There appear to be... hmm... 10 Compact-Discs left here. Work hard to find them!
  • .

Item walkthrough[edit]

If you're looking for a specific CD, sort the table by CD or by character. If you want to sort it back by stage progression, sort it by Walkthrough.

CD Mega Man Bass Walkthrough
64 MMB CD064 MM.png N/A 01. Mega Man only can get this CD using Rush Search & CD-finder.
31 MMB CD031 MM.png N/A 02. At the beginning of the underwater area, slide under a narrow passage. Mega Man only can get this CD using his slide, the Wave Burner and then Rush Search & CD-finder.
80 MMB CD080 MM.png MMB CD080 B.png 03. Bass cannot slide under the narrow passage, so he has to perform a dash-jump over the spikes. Mega Man, instead, should move aside the mine after the previous CD using the Wave Burner; then, the Ice Wall is helpful to go up over said mine.
11 MMB CD011 MM.png MMB CD011 B.png 04. After the previous area, this CD is in plain view.
71 MMB CD071 MM.png MMB CD071 B.png 05. This CD, too, is in plain view, in the subsequent area.
42 MMB CD042 MM.png N/A 06. Mega Man only can get this CD using Rush Search & CD-finder.
70 MMB CD070 MM.png N/A 07. Mega Man only can get this CD using Rush Search & CD-finder. To give more time to Rush, let a whale submarine pass, then call Rush and stand to his right, in the pit. Remember that whale-submarines are weak against the Ice Wall.
34 MMB CD034 MM.png MMB CD034 B.png 08. This large area is probably like the interior of a sunken ship. The first CD is in a chest to the top-left. To get down without getting hit, push all the way to the right.
77 MMB CD077 MM.png N/A 09. This second CD is in the top-center of the area. Mega Man only can get this CD using Rush Search & CD-finder. Going down, stick to the vertical platform.
85 MMB CD085 MM.png MMB CD085 B.png 10. This last CD is in a chest at the top-right of the area. Use the Wave Burner to push aside one mine (shown in Mega Man's screenshot), then go up in a bubble. Still, it is difficult to get down without hitting any mine. Push away the mine at the top, then go down almost vertically, in an "S" path.

Summary of requirements to get all 10 CDs:

  • 3 CDs: free
  • 1 CDs: double-jump (or Wave Burner)
  • 1 CDs: Wave Burner
  • 5 CDs: Mega Man's Rush Search & CD-finder

ROBOT MASTER: Pirate Man[edit]

MMB KGno04 PirateMan.png

Pirate Man is weak against Burner Man's Wave Burner, even underwater.

The water level progressively decreases during the battle, but Pirate Man will occasionally refill it. If you manage to hit the Robot Master out of the water, the Wave Burner deals one extra damage.

Pirate Man uses two attacks only, but he's never invincible:

  • Remote Mine: Pirate Man shoots up to three homing remote mines; a good tactique t avoid them is to stay close to him and walk away as he's shooting.
  • Bubble dash: Pirate Man wraps himself up in a bubble and dashes across the room; it's very easy to hit and stop him with the Burner Wave.