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Unlike in any other Mega Man game, this Teleport System is not a rematch with bosses. Instead, in each teleporter hatch there's a 100-bolts worth Mega Bolt that can only be obtained using a specific weapon (an thus, only after the corresponding Robot Master has been destroyed).

Only after the eight Mega-Bolts have been collected, Mega Man and Bass will be allowed to access the final stages.

MMB teleportsys dynamo.png
Dynamo Man's Lightning Bolt
MMB teleportsys astro.png
Astro Man's Copy Vision
MMB teleportsys cold.png
Cold Man's Ice Wall
MMB teleportsys pirate.png
Pirate Man's Remote Mine
MMB teleportsys ground.png
Ground Man's Spread Drill
MMB teleportsys burner.png
Burner Man's Wave Burner
MMB teleportsys tengu.png
Tengu Man's T. Blade
MMB teleportsys magic.png
Magic Man's M. Card