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At the beginning of the game, you can choose to challenge one of three Robot Masters: Cold Man, Astro Man or Ground Man. Defeating Cold Man grants a weapon that enhances Mega Man's agility and unlocks Burner Man, that when defeated drops a weapon that allows to destroy ice cubes and explosive walls.

Suggested order:

  1. Cold Man
  2. Burner Man
  3. Pirate Man
  4. Ground Man
  5. Tengu Man
  6. Magic Man
  7. Astro Man
  8. Dynamo Man

Stages structure[edit]

It's not immedialtely apparent, but the background of the stages gives a hint about the stage progression.

Outdoors (start) Indoors (middle) Outdoors (near end)
MMB CD041 MM.png MMB Subboss Snoler MM.png MMB CD005 MM.png
MMB CD043 MM.png MMB CD004 B.png MMB CD016 MM.png
MMB CD064 MM.png MMB CD011 MM.png MMB CD085 MM.png
Outdoors (start) Indoors (middle) Outdoors (near end)
MMB CD075 MM.png MMB CD017 B.png MMB CD084 MM.png
Outside the building, but underground
MMB CD022 MM.png MMB subboss OniRobos1 B.png MMB CD090 MM.png
MMB CD066 MM.png MMB CD098 MM.png MMB CD021 MM.png
Outdoors (start) Indoors (middle) Outdoors (near end)
MMB CD029 MM.png MMB subboss Tester2 B.png (No CD screenshots for this area)
MMB CD023 MM.png
Faraway, moving background
MMB subboss MoveCannon B.png MMB CD012 MM.png
Faraway, moving background