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Major Characters[edit]

Mega Man[edit]

Megaman3 DL No01.png
Mega Man from Mega Man: Powered Up!, (C) 2006 Capcom, Inc.
  • Original name (Japanese): Rockman
  • Former name: Rock
  • Serial number: DL No.01
  • Year of creation: 2006
  • Height: 132 cm (4'4")
  • Weight: 105 kg (230 lbs)
  • Installed capacity: 1500 ps; 1200 r/m
  • Torque capacity: 220 kg*m; 8500 r/m
  • Artificial intelligence fixed age: 10 years
  • Strength: Rock possesses a strong sense of justice.
  • Weakness: He can sometimes be a little careless.
  • Likes: Animals.
  • Dislikes: Anything that disturbs peace.
MM2 charMegaMan.gif
Rock was the brainchild of doctors Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily, built after their first creation, Proto Man, went awol during its A.I. testing. Rock was built with a sister robot, Roll, and was designed to be a lab assistant who would work with the two scientists and help them with their day-to-day tasks in the lab. Light and Wily put a lot into their new creation, building it with the most advanced A.I. that they could come up with at the time (advanced in that it was very human-like, although they wanted it to behave like a child), but they were careful to adhere to Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics (especially that a robot will never harm a human being).

When Wily revolted in December of 2008 (see Mega Man), Rock volunteered to be converted into the fighting robot that became known as Mega Man in order to stop the scientist and his new army, knowing that the world's armies were not ready for the threat that Wily posed.

However, with Wily's new army out wreaking havoc on the world and seeking revenge against him, Rock must prepare to go after him once again. He was ready to live in peace, but he must go after Wily once more to attempt to bring him to justice. Will he be able to stop him this time?

Dr. Thomas Light[edit]

Dr. Thomas Light, master robot engineer, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Also Known As: Dr. Wright and Dr. Right
  • Born: Circa 1958
  • Died: Circa 2040
  • Strength: Light is a good-natured person.
  • Weakness: He is easily tricked.
  • Likes: The Internet.
  • Dislikes: Fighting/Violence.
MM2 charDrLight.gif
Dr. Light is the founder of Light Labs (along with his former colleague Dr. Albert W. Wily) and the creator of numerous robots, including Rock (Mega Man) and Roll. He is a pacifist, but he realizes that violence is necessary at times in order to bring about a peaceful world. He was shocked and outraged that Wily revolted a year ago because he felt that he was merely living in Light's shadow, and as such, Light can't help but to feel somewhat responsible for the current state of affairs.

He doesn't want to see Dr. Wily killed or crushed, but rather, he wants to have him brought to his senses so that all this madness will finally come to an end. If this occurs, Wily would be back to normal and Rock would no longer have to be used as a war machine, but he still fears that this day would be a long way off.

Dr. Albert W. Wily[edit]

Dr. Albert W. Wily, Light and Rock's rival, (C) Capcom, Inc.
  • Born: Circa 1958
  • Died: Circa 2040
  • Strength: Wily is a genius (especially as a scientist)
  • Weakness: He never gives up
  • Likes: Taking over the world
  • Dislikes: Admitting defeat
MM2 charDrWily.gif
Dr. Wily was a long-time friend of Dr. Light (the two attended the same university in the 20th century) and co-founder of Light Labs, but he grew insanely jealous of Light when Light received the 2007 Nobel Prize for the creation of the Robot Masters, as well as Light's winning of the LIT Manual Design Contest. Thus, in December of 2008, Wily reprogrammed nearly all of Light Lab's creations and created a powerful army that required a new breed of fighter to stop (see Mega Man).

In the end, the lab assistant-turned-fighter known as Mega Man brought him to justice, but Wily refused to give up. Thus, six months later, in mid-2009, Wily hatched a scheme to get his revenge on his former colleague and his prized creation and once again make a bid for world domination. He built a brand-new citadel from which to rule a newly built army of robot henchmen and, to top it all off, he built eight of his own Robot Masters, which began what would become known as the Doctor Wily series of robots, registered as DWN and starting with DWN. 009 because Wily is co-credited with the creation of DRN. 000-008.

Will this mad man ever stop?

Other Characters[edit]

Proto Man[edit]

  • DL No.00 Proto Man (Blues)

You'll fight this mysterious red robot three times, and he'll also appear in twice more later in the game. He is weak against the Shadow Blade, but the Arm Cannon has far better range.

  • Magnet Man and Shadow Man Stages: Simply rapid fire with your arm cannon, dodging him. He'll retreat before too long.
  • Hard Man Stage: Same routine here, but there's a hill in the arena, which makes it harder to rapid fire.

Break Man[edit]

Breakman's head is different from Protoman's head. Furthermore, Breakman's weaknesses are different from Protoman ones: he is immune to all weapons except for the Arm Cannon. Still, they are canonically considered the same and one character.

  • Break Man Stage: A short stage which is just fighting him. Again, just rapid fire with the Arm Cannon.
Sprites comparison
Break Man Proto Man
Megaman3WW selectionscreen3.png Megaman3 DL No00.png
Megaman3WW boss15 breakman.png Megaman3WW subboss06 protoman.png

Doc Robot[edit]

Once all Robot Masters have been defeated, the Doc Robot makes his debut at four revisited versions of previously cleared stages and you have to duel him twice in each level. To make matters worse, each encounter has him using the patters and abilities of one of the eight Robot Masters from the second game.

Robots by Dr. Light[edit]

The robot masters that appear in Mega Man 1 are given an in-game description during the ending of Mega Man 3.