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Second stage selection screen

After Mega Man beat the eight Robot Masters, four new enemies appear. The four stages can be cleared in any order. Let's follow the Japanese reading order: after Needle Man's stage, Shadow Man's stage would come next.

Save the Needle Cannon and the Top Spin for the boss fights. Use the other weapons freely.

Wood Man and Heat Man are waiting in Shadow Man's stage. Same smelting factory environment Heat Man is used to, but Wood Man probably feels a little bit out of place.

Original NES version

Stage walkthrough, part 1[edit]

Item list: (none)

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • Peterchy - a walking eye; easy to defeat.
  • Bikky - a huge jumping robot; hit it when it's in mid-air; destroy it with a single Hard Knuckle, or stun it with the Spark Shock.
  • Hologran - a robot that creates darkness; this time, it appears over large pits with falling platforms; use the Rush Jet and the Mega Buster.
  • Walking Bomb - they appear after the Holograns; use the Search Snake to clear your path.

Wood Doc Man[edit]

Wood-Docman's room

Wood Man has the same weaknesses as Snake Man: Search Snake and Needle Cannon.

The timing with Woodman's Leaf shield is different from Mega Man 2, so be wary of jumping over it too quickly.

Stage walkthrough, part 2[edit]

Item list:

  • 1 large E-capsule
  • 4 small W-capsules (to encourage the player into using the special weapons)

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • Hammer Joe - a green robot that throws hammers; hit it with one Hard Knuckle (NES) or two Magnet Missiles (Wily Wars remake) when its red eye is open.
  • Parasyu - parachute robots; if they hit Mega Man, they can push him in a pit; jump to a more distant platform and fire.
  • Mechakkero - a frog robot; hit it with any large weapon.
  • Giant Springer - a big, red, hemi-spherical robot that shoots homing missiles; it takes 8 shots from the Mega Buster, or 4 shots from most weapons; the Shadow Blade is probably the best way to destroy it and its missiles.

Heat Doc Man[edit]

Heat-Docman's room

Heat Man has the same weaknesses as Shadow Man: Shadow Blades and Top Spin. The latter deals significantly more damage.

Be careful of Heatman's movement: he moves slower than you might remember from Mega Man 2, and thus is a little harder to jump over. Jump close to him with the Top Spin, and he will get "on fire" instead of shooting.