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There are a number of items in Mega Man 3, most of which have appeared in the other NES Mega Man games.

In-level items[edit]

  • Energy tank – A blue canister with an E on it. Using one of these will recover all of your health meter. They can't be found from defeating enemies and are always in a fixed location in levels, usually kind of tough or tricky to get to. You can have up to 9 of them in your inventory.
  • Surprise cans or ?-cans - shoot them and obtain a random item.
  • Life Energy pellets – A flashing black/white dot. These will restore some of your health meter, and they come in 2 sizes, small and large. Small ones recover about 2 units, big ones recover about 8.
  • Weapon Energy pellets – A blue/green dot/oval-shaped object. These restore some energy to one of your special weapons, and also come in 2 sizes. Note that you MUST equip the special weapon you want to recover energy for in order for it to have any effect.
  • Extra Life – Looks like Mega Man's head. Self-explanatory, it gives you an extra life. You can have up to 9 of them in reserve.

Rush items[edit]

  • Rush Coil – You start the game with this. Rush transforms into a springboard and can catapult Mega Man to great heights. Vital for scaling some otherwise unsurpassable obstacles.
  • Rush Marine – Get this by beating Shadow Man. Rush turns into a submarine. Very nice to have in aquatic levels/sections of levels. There are three stages where it can be used: Gemini Man's, Gemini Man Revisited and the first Skull Fortress stage.
  • Rush Jet – Get this by beating Needle Man. Rush turns into a jet platform, and you can freely control him around the screen. Great for scaling areas filled with bottomless pits and spikes.

Items per stage[edit]

E-capsules and W-capsules come in two sizes: large ones (L) refill 10 units, small ones (s) refill two units only.

Stage E-can  ?-can 1-Up E-capsule W-capsule Rush & water
Snake Man - 2 -
Top Man - - -
Shadow Man - - - - 4s Rush Marine
Spark Man - - - 1L 1L+4s -
Magnet Man - - - 1L+4s 1L+2s -
Hard Man 1 - - 3L+3s - -
Gemini Man 2 1 2 2L 3L Water (use Rush Marine)
Needle Man 1 - - 1L - Rush Jet
Doc Men & Break Man
Stage E-can  ?-can 1-Up E-capsule W-capsule Rush & water
Needle Doc Man 1 - 1 2L 6L -
Shadow Doc Man - - - 1L 4s -
Spark Doc Man - - - 2L - -
Gemini Doc Man - 2 - - 3L Water (use Rush Marine)
Break Man - - - - - -
Skull Fortress
Stage E-can  ?-can 1-Up E-capsule W-capsule Rush & water
Skull Fortress 1 2 - 2 4 4L Water (use Rush Marine)
5 walls (use Hard Knuckle)
Yellow Devil 2 - 1 3s 6L -
Skull Fortress 3 1 2 1 4s 3L 3 walls (use Hard Knuckle)
Teleport System - 1 1 4s 2L + 8s -
Dr. Wily - 2 - - 2L -
Gamma & Dr. Wily 1 2 1 1L 2L -


  • Energy cans

E-cans always take the color scheme of Mega Man's active weapon.

  • Surprise cans

Evolution of surprise cans[edit]

Surprise cans are introduced in Mega Man 3 and featured in this game only. Anyway, they are not unique in the series. In fact, in later games they are replaced by other items with the same characteristics:

  1. they contain a random item;
  2. they appear at fixed locations;
  3. they cannot be transported.
Game Item
Mega Man 3  ?-cans
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5
Mega Man 6
Mega Man 4 (GB)
Mega Man 5 (GB)
Eddie & Protoman
Mega Man 7 -
Mega Man 8
Mega Man & Bass
Surprise box (floating)