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Original NES version

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Energy can

This stage appears to take place in a metropolitan area, and is rather short to complete. Mega Man faces robotic hedgehogs which fire needles from their backs, and later he must slide to avoid being hit by telescopic needles which extend from the ceiling.

Save the Gemini Laser for the boss fight. Use the other weapons freely; the Shadow Blade is probably the most useful.

Item list:

  • 1 large W-capsule (to encourage the player into using the special weapons)
  • 1 Energy can

Enemies list, sorted by appearance:

  • Hari Harry - a porcupine robot; "hari" is Japanese for "needle"; it's especially weak against the Top Spin: wait for the moment when he stops moving.
  • Metall - the most iconic enemy in the Mega Man series.
  • Houdai Cannon - an armored hemi-spherical cannon; it can be damaged only when it is open; easily destroyed using the Shadow Blade.
  • Yambow - "yambow" is Japanese for "dragonfly"; immune to Search Snake, weak against all other weapons.
  • Needle Press - invincible stalactites; slide under them.
  • Hammer Joe - a green robot that throws hammers; hit it with two Magnet Missiles when its red eye is open.
  • Bikky - a huge jumping robot; hit it when it's in mid-air; destroy it with a single Hard Knuckle.

Megaman2GB enemy3 HariHarry.png Megaman2GB enemy3 Metall.png Megaman2GB enemy3 Houdai.png Megaman2GB enemy3 Yambo.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Yambow.png Megaman2GB enemy3 HammerJoe.png Megaman3GB enemy3 HammerJoe.png

Needle Man[edit]

Needleman's room
Needle Man, (C) 1999 Capcom, Inc.
  • Weakness: Gemini Laser
  • Weapon: Needle Cannon

Needle Man jumps vertically into the air, firing his needle cannon at Mega Man. He also runs across the ground, pausing to attack Mega Man with the needles attached to his head. Your best bet when fighting Needle Man is to stand as far away as possible and fire, while dodging his needle shots.

By using the Gemini Laser, a speedy defeat is assured, as even if the laser misses the target, it will reflect off the walls to hit him later. Four hits from it will destroy the Robot Master.

Special weapon[edit]

Defeating Needle Man will get you both the Needle Cannon and the Rush Jet.

The Needle Cannon fires needles quickly in a straight line.

As Needle Man has the Rush Jet, you may want to take him out first. You won't have the Gemini Laser if you do this, but there's an Energy Tank just before the Boss Lair. Grab it to ensure a victory.


Character designer

Dr. Wily created Needle Man to work in the energy mines. His weapon, Needle Cannon, can pierce through a 10-inch brick.

  • Serial Number: DW No.17
  • Year of Creation: 2010
  • Strength: He has pointy head.
  • Weakness: He has spiky personality.
  • Likes: Sewing.
  • Dislikes: Injections.